Smith power hone??

I was just wandering if anyone has any experience with the smith power hone. Especially if you can compare it to the Spyderco 204. Thanks

Yes indeed. I've seen the results of both. You can accomplish at least as much and as well with a reasonably flat rock.

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Hey Spark!
Didn't you say you sold a bunch of these at the Blade Show? Do they eat and chew metal as well as the Chef's Choice electric models? Are you in cohorts with STEVEN, "I- never-met-a-knife-I-didn't-like-and-any- blade-steel-is-FINE-as-long-as-YOU-learn- how-to-PROPERLY-MANUALLY-sharpen-it -but-I-use-and-recommend-the Chef's-Choice-electric-models " DICK?

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I didn't say I liked them, I just said that I sold a whole lot of them after the guy at the Smith's booth sold out. Literally, we brought 30-40 of them and came back with 5.

My impressions? It'll work, but I can't say how well. It's battery powered, and can use an adaptor for elec., but I don't think you can replace the stones. Pretty lightweight (without the batteries at least), and there are built in guides for your blade (just lean it up against one side), and it seems pretty quick.

Please note that because the stones are battery powered, the sharpening action goes back and forth, not in one direction only as seen with a Sharpmaker.

Anyone wants one, we can provide them for $25 per, and you can form your own judgement.


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