Smith & Wesson linerlock folders?

Sep 15, 2000
I recently bought a Smith & Wesson folder, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It seems that the lock is well made and secure, and the blade is easy to sharpen and keeps its edge well.

However, I have read some negative reviews about these knives, and I'm wondering your opinion.

So: do you like them, or not?
Well, you may have gotten a good one out of the batch I guess. I haven't done much more than look at them in the store but I wasn't real impressed. one complaint agfainst them is that the liners are really thin. they may give an effective lockup in light cutting, but they are more likely to flex ( sort of like a bow is bent for a bow and arrow) and disengage. If your not using it for heavy cutting it shouldn't be a problem.Provided the lock up is solid without it being under heavy load. And as always, its not safe to trust a folder lock, no matter how strong, so keep that in mind and you should be fine.
The other main complaint is the blade steel. Its just doesn't take or hold the kind of edge most people want.Depending on how sharp you want it and how tough the things you cut will be, it may not be all that bad.
the other complaint I've heard is that the detent isn't very good. Which means the blade can open in your pocket. If its carried tip down, that shouldn't be to major of a concern as long as your careful.
Overall I'd say there are a lot of worse knives you could by, but there are a lot of nicer knives out there too.If your happy with it and don't see any risk of getting hurt on it under the kind of sue you put it though, then don't worry about what other people think. Not everyone has to carry a sebenza, I won't.

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
I carried a S&W SWAT liner lock folder for 3 months. It was OK for an inexpensive knife, but the CRKT knives are so much better for the same amount of money. The knife is a little bit on the thick side for me. As for complaints on the ball detent keeping it closed, I disassembled it and checked for wear after lots of flicking and opening and closing for a couple months. No wear noticed at all. Some of them have liner locks that travel too far and stick too hard, but mine was centered fine and didn't wear out during the hard flicking sessions I gave it (
no mean comments about that, please). Steel is probably 420J2, but heat treated decently enough to perform like 440A. I think you'd be better off with a CRKT Point Guard though.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
Yeah, I mainly got it because it was inexpensive and looked decent. I checked it out a bit more, it seems pretty nice. The blade is 440C steel, which is impressive for how cheap it is. I'm thinking of getting the frame lock version, just for a more secure lock.
Gave mine away. I was once advised by a very reputable dealer "S&W will give their name to anyone with a buck". Even after hearing this, because of the price, I bought two. Mine (the pair) did not lock up right, you really had to snap the blade to get it to engage. CRKT, even though most are from Taiwan, make a decent knife for the price. Not my favorite under 60.00 knife, but damn impressive. Kershaw makes a decent knife, liner lock as well, but much more solid. Stay clear of the Timberline "Discovery", I had one, out right fail. The other (like my knives in pairs)seems soon to come. They also open as fast or faster then a switchblade (assisted knives), so if you live in an area where autos are illegal, the Discovery could get you into some trouble.

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I've never seen one in either a frame lock or 440c, but I haven't looked at them in a long time. Maybe their improving their line up.
Did you get the larger model or the smaller?
I kind of remember seeing the larger model once advertised as having a hammer forged blade of some 400 series steel can't remember if it said 440 or 420. Maybe there was a special run. Either way it doesn't matter much as long as your happy with the knife. Just be sure to check them over carefully if you buy anymore, judging by the other people's complaints, quality control is one of their biggest problems.

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
i have both the large and small swat folders and also the new tanto framelock. they're pretty good knives as far as edge retention i havent had a problem. the only things i can say negatively is that the large swat is too heavy for everyday carry (and too bulky) and the finish could be alot better. the knives are made by taylor cutlery in tenn. (for anyone thats interested, they are amercan made, someone told me once that because the clip says roc in small letters that it was made in taiwan, but thats simply not true)
thanks dave, i was thinking of looking at the timberline discovery!!!...saved me the trouble!!!!
Well, I've had the knife a bit longer (it's a large semi serrated black coated one, by the way), and I don't have many complaints. The Coating is slightly scratched, but that's pretty normal. The detent ball is a bit weak I think, but it doesn't open in my pocket or anything. I've fully submerged accidentally, and it still works fine (lock is still secure). Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it.

Does anyone know how the frame lock version preforms?

I was pretty sure they were made in Taiwan... and I'm also pretty sure the steel is not 440C. I'd say 440A or decently well-treated 420J2.

I say just get a CRKT. I'm still angry at S&W for that past agreement they signed with the Clinton fascists and they've lost all of my business, whether it be knives, or handguns in a couple years.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
Ditto Chang.

Please do not buy anything with the S & W name on it. Guns, knives, sportswear, condiments, (I am not making this up)... etc. If other arms comapnies go the way they have gone (politically) we'll all be carrying sharpened popsicle sticks soon.
Politics aside, I've bought several of the model 2000B for resale at my gunclub. Feedback has been excellent. Each knife was very sharp out of the box, and none had any blade-play. For around $22, it's hard to match it for dollar-value, IMO.