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Smith & Wesson sinks to new low

I wish I could say I was surprised.......but I'm not

Dennis Bible

I see alot of Smith & Wesson's junk in flea markets. Especially those ugly Chinese made folders with the holes in the blade.
If they'll rip off Glock, they'll rip off anybody.
It's not like it's gonna hurt their business much.

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My understanding -- and someone correct me if I'm wrong -- is that Smith & Wesson the gun company has little to do with Smith & Wesson branded knives, which are actually manufactured by Taylor Cutlery. Taylor Cutlery apparently bought the rights to the Smith & Wesson name for knives. If that's true, it's Taylor Cutlery that should be named directly for knife-related issues.

Joe, I think you are right about the Taylor cutlery thing. However, the fact that S&W has so little respect for their customers, or their name is pretty pathetic. They are not the only ones whoring out their name to junk makers in the interest of making a quick buck. I see Walther has also sold their name to a maker of crappy knives (Gutmann cutlery). In looking at Gutmanns web-site, they have slapped the Walther name on blatant rip-offs of the Applegate/Fairbairn Dagger and the Crawford Point guard. The rest of the knives look pretty cheesy as well.

It baffles me how proud old names in firearms can degrade themselves this way. I guess they know that lesser-informed knife buyers will snatch them up just because the name is on them.

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S&W does not make any of the knives that bear their trademark. They contract them out to several second-rate off-shore manufacturers.

If you don't like the fact that this company, once a proud symbol of American quality and American freedom, has fallen to hawking junk, let 'em know. Here's the e-mail address: qa@smith-wesson.com

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I've been following Taylor Cutlery's exploits with S&W for some time now.

I hate to see steel wasted. These are the knives that end up in the wrong hands since they're "oh so affordable," and people think to themselves, "wow, S&W, must be a great knife!" I hear this just about everytime I'm at one of our local gun dealers who happens to carry S&W blades.

The only redeemable thing about S&W knives is that I believe (disclaimer) their locking liners are made from recycled metal cans. They certainly have about that thickness going for them.

Sorry, felt I had to throw an egg or two. I'll be more mature and get a shot out to them at that email address right now! Gives new meaning to "hat...email."


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All you guys are right! I wish that someone would buy the company, then tell the Gov. to go to heck! If not that, I hope they go under. Sal should go after them, if it is reasonable for the CO. I also would like to see Taylor Cutlery go under. RKBA!
Taylor Cutlery my shoe ! When an established company sells out their name for 'branding' tangentially or non-related products, they should bear all the responsibility for maintaining the QC and legal/ethical isues on anything that bears their name. You have to manage your sub-contractors, that's where service level agreements come into play. Especially when said company advertises the products along with their main line goods on their corporate website.

Look at it the other way - if you knew nothing of Walther's illustrious name in firearms, but your only asociation was with their below-par cutlery, would you buy a semi-auto from them ? Sometimes companies just don't THINK.
RH --

I'm not suggesting that we're being too hard on S&W. I'm suggesting we're being much too easy on Taylor Cutlery.

$19.95 .....it ain't worth half that. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I saw that knife in a catalog earlier today and thought about posting about it here. S&W already sold its soul to the devil, who cares what they do now. I expect they'll fade away eventually like so many other companies who lack integrity.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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Hi Everyone,
I felt compelled to reply to this post because 1. I gave those SOBs 25yrs of my life
working in the different shooting areas only to see everything change once "the contract"
got signed. my last day was 10/27/00 out of the 125 who lost their jobs,anyone want to guess how many were management?

2. Their knives suck but in all fairness to them most of the blame should be thrown at Taylor cutlery

The first "Dyad" looking knife I ever saw was the "Texas Lockhorn" by Case from the 1970's. I bought one as a teenager and still have it. It is a neat knife and a good idea. I don't think copying is so much an issue as the poor quality under a name that was recognized as good quality. A great design is a great design. Crap is crap no matter what you do to it. ...Ed.
He he, I saw that too. I mean, in today's growing and yet highly interesting knife market/community, how could anyone make something like the Spydy Dyad and NOT know? With few(FEW) exception(s) the S&W line of knives are pos.
Far better off going with CRKT to stay in the same price range and get custom(not ripped off) designs.

You could put nacho cheese sauce on it...
Hell, I almost bought a s&w "knife" once...
The old coot would not give me a discount, so I told him I would be back next day so he could think of my offer. By then he had sold for full price. Poor Bsdrd...

Now I've ordered a CRKT urban shark, wich I think is a good one for the money..
People! -- What are we EXPECTING from a supposedly "American" gun company owned by the gun-banning BRITS?! I think that the Brits bought S&W (funny, isn't that a company that cans cabbage?) to sabotage the entire firearms industry by "leading" the way to capitulation to the gun-banners. They're a goddamned fifth-column.