Smith & Wesson (Taylor) does it again - shameless !


Jan 31, 1999
Another blatant ripoff - this time the CRKT Bear Claw falls victim. Their gimicky add-on ? Not a whistle in the sheath this time, but a "badge holder". Puleeeze. Some of their other new designs actually look nice, but I wouldn't buy them due to their history of ripoffs. Who knows, maybe those "original" designs are ripoffs that I just don't recognize.
They have some darrel ralph colaborations that darrel ralph acctualy did with them. Rumor has it that they're great knives for the money.

this is sad considering that a year ago, everyone was condemning the bear-claw as a La-Griffe ripoff!
Hmmm. Their HRT3 Mil Boot Knife sure looks alot like a Gerber Guardian.

And their military fixed blades at the bottom look an awful lot like the Boker Applegate/Fairbairn boot and mini smatchet knives.

But who am I to complain? I'm not buying anything new from S&W until they get their priorities straight. No, I don't like it, but I didn't start it.

It's the same old story. Taylor Cutlery seems to thrive on jumping on the bandwagon by imitating existing designs. Others do it too, like Coast Cutlery ripping off Kershaw and SOG's designs and Gutmann Cutlery with their "Walther" brand knives ripping off Gerber and Pat Crawford.