Smith & Wessson knives?

Mar 22, 1999
Can anyone tell me anything about the quality of S&W knives. A friend of mine in the service would like to purchase the Model 1000. I understand it's made from 420 stainless. Is this a lower quality steel?
Tell your buddy to save his money and buy a decent knife. Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel, etc. IMO S&W should stick to what they know best, things that go bang.

420 is about the bottom of the totem pole in cutlery steel, just about anything outperforms it in edge holding.

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I agree with what Misque said - save your money for the better stuff. S&W licenses their name and logo out to Taylor Cutlery, who makes the knives. Another reason to not buy S&W knives - Taylor has knocked off two popular custom makers and one production company with some of their knives, something of which doesn't sit well with me...or anyone for that matter. Hope this helps.

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Dexter summed it up nicely. I guess that is why he is moderating

The Sw swat knives are ok and for,autos, I like the SW1250. It has a sharp blade and nice handle tjhat fits good in the hand. My 2cents worth.
Greg, the quality on S&W knives (autos) is extremely variable.You may get a very good one, and I have on occasion, or you may get junk that will barely work, which I have also done. The California styles seem to be more consistantly good quality.On the bigger ones, put a little more money in the pot and get a Benchmade,or other higher bracket auto. Eliminate the gamble.

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