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Smokey Mountain Knife Works Apache

Dec 13, 2000
Does anybody know if SMKW is going to get any more CRKT Apache III's in for the price of $14.99 or was that just to get rid of inventory.
Smoky Mountain does this all the time, gets in a one-shot lot of knives, and you'll never see THAT deal again.

But you can check on their website, instead of waiting for the catalog to come around. They might still have some left.

On the other hand, I can't always get on their site! I had to call in my last order ...
Got a letter from SMKW's, half my order of Apaches, is not coming, but they have a bunch of Mirage's now.
Please give the link to this site. I can't seem to find it with search engines.

Roger Blake
Beam, the link is: eknifeworks.com but most of the deals on Spydies and CRKT's, are not on the site, get the number and call, cause most of my info comes from their monthly catalog specials. Al
Just got back home from visiting SMKWs. I didn't get my order there in time to get in on the Apache deals. That's OK though I made up for it. I just got a Kershaw mini-Task(left hand model) for $34.95. This is definately the best deal I have gotten on ANY knife. This is now my most high tech knife, I'll post on it after I have spent some time with it. I also got a traditional knife, a Rigid Beartooth lockback. I think these are made by Camilius, the quality is to good to have been turned out by United Cutlery. It is already wareing a Bandit thumb stud, Sweet knife. RKBA!