Smooth Opening Folders

Oct 3, 1998
I love them !
A good, tight and smooth opening/closing folder is as much a joy as an auto(IMO)
I want more of them and need suggestions.
So far, my Sebenzas are the smoothest. Immediately followed by the Socom M/A, D/A,
MOD Trident, Leopard Cub, Genesis, Baby Socom
and Tim Wegner Jr.
The Trident is suprising. It took me less than 10 minutes after opening the box to determine that I was going to wear the knife out just by opening and closing it.
That honker blade flips out and flips back with authority. The thumbstuds are huge and comfortable. As is the texture on the liner lock. The handle fits the hand with excellent comfort. All in all, the Trident gets played with more than any other folder in my current collection. The reasons are: it's price ($100), balance, honker blade and extreme comfort. No thumb blisters or soreness. Lots-O-fun.
Oh yeah, all these folders have their clips removed

Hi Bill,
Well I'm Sebenza-less for a few more weeks so this is subject to change. My favorite smooth opening folder is the Genesis. Also the Military is right up there as is my CS Voyager.

There is nothing like a nice, smooth opening with a loud snap. Pocket clip is optional!



Hey! I want a Trident for $100. Where can I get one at that price?


Jim Six
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Dudes - you cannot forget about the Benchmade Axis Lock or the Kershaw Random Task!

Dexter Ewing
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The Kershaw Ti-ATS Starkey Ridge has silk action and no play. A bargain for the $60 you can find them at if you look.


If your interested in the Trident, try Pioneer Valley is trying to auction the MOD series off but they are being ignored at $95!
Boy my Sebenzas are pretty smooth, but then so is the M-2 mini-AFCK. I am waiting for my Trident (thanks!) and have heard nothing but good things about them too... Man tough choice!
Spyderco Herbst, Bill. It's in my son's pocket right now, so I can't look, but it's got an unusual pivot. Unbelievably smooth.

I Have a One Hand Knife from AG Russell that is among the smoothest I have seen,also Dexter is right about the Task knife from Kershaw.

I like all of the knives described above, except there are a few that were left out. I have the MOD Tempest, and I'm sure its the same as the Trident...SMOOTH baby!!! I could also wear that knife out by just opening it. I love the MT influences and the burly liner lock in it, makes me feel better. I also like the quick-open feature that is similar to the Emerson Commander for how it catches your pocket on the draw and automatically extends the blade. Someone else mentioned their AFCK, and I have to say that both of mine are silky, too. Also, someone mentioned a bargain smoothie, the Starkey Ridge by Kershaw. I have the XXL version and a Kershaw Talon that are both very silky. I'm surprised that no one mentioned the outstanding Boker/Klotzli/Walker KL200CS and its variants or the Boker/Klotzli/Wimpff KL040 and the other variants like it. Those Klotzli knives are massively nice and smooth. They are very high quality! I just wish they made some bigger, more aggressive knives.
Sebenza, Axis (both G-10 and aluminum), M2 AFCK's (standard and mini), Leopard Cub, and latest incarnation of the Spydie Military all come immediately to mind.

The new MT Kestrel Proto (M/A)I got is also one smooth opener.

I'd put the Trident and Wegner Jr. one level back, but still pretty smooooth as well.


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Out of all my knives, my smoothest opening are my Hawg Milleniums by far. They blow all my other folders away. They are so smooth that a 190 year old anemia patient could open them. They sound like the clicking of a fine tuned single action revolver when they lock into place.
My personal favorite is the spyderco calypso jr.the more you use it the smoother it gets.I also have the starkey ridge and it is very smooth but the darn thing keeps coming open in my injuries so far but it has ruined the pockets on a couple of pairs of jeans so I have retired it.
My smoothest folding knife is my BM 35s(If you do consider that a folder) Lighting fast and funner that an auto.