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Smoothing out knife action


Mar 28, 1999
Has anyone ever attempted to smooth out the action on any REKAT knives?Mine has smoothed out with use but still not nearly as smooth as my slick Axis.Has anyone taken one apart and buffed or sanded the tang to enhance smoothness?If so then ,how did you go about the proccess.Thanks.
scott w
Just bringing this to the top.Hoping to get some opinions on this.Thanks.
scott w
Hi Scott,

I was having a problem with the lock sticking on my Carnivour and posted a message in the REKAT forum. Bill McWilliams posted a reply suggesting that I shorten the spring on the lock. When I did this it not only fixed the lock problem, but it made the action much smoother.

I had considered polishing the tang cam and the lock, but with the shorter spring I do not think that it is necessary.

Alan Steeves