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Snarking at the speed of sludge...

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Sep 30, 2012
I have read the KME wouldnt work on anything over 1/4" thick, i have read people say it wouldnt work on anything over 9..... Granted i have the one with the new Generation 2 Low Profile Jaws, but this thing looks like it will work on dang near anything.

A little common sense goes a long way. once you hit a certain weight the device will obviously not be able to support the knife, but simply using a block of some sort under the handle to keep it from tipping over and weighing the base down will solve that issue.

Will it work on a knife thats .32-.35" thick with a 10"blade and weighs over 800 grams.... YUP!!

Notice i had to put a couple pieces of steel on the back of the KME, and support the handle to keep it from tipping.

Im not sharpening this one... Doesnt need it. Just showing it would fit.




Gold Member
Sep 2, 2013
4.5" Angle grinder... Dewalt or Makita ??

Or it doesnt really matter for just cutting steel to size occasionally go cheap as i can find?

I own 2 DeWalts and 3 Makitas, Makita wins, hands down, all day, every day.
I like the paddle switch models, in case you get into trouble, just let go and they stop,... eventually. The DeWalts are ok though.


Dec 26, 2013
My Bk11 landed in Florida! Now I just need to wait until my parents get back from vacation :(

The waiting game sucks!.... who wants to play hungry hungry hippos?
Dec 9, 2013
I think we're going to have to find a replacement for WW to get the snark flowing at proper speed again. He's too busy making knives.

james terrio

Sharpest Knife in the Light Socket
Apr 15, 2010
I honestly don't even remember the last time I ate a donut. :grumpy:

I have read the KME wouldnt work on anything over 1/4" thick, i have read people say it wouldnt work on anything over 9.....

Silly worldwood, you're doing it wrong! Yer not s'posed to figure things out on your own and try a different approach... you're just supposed to believe the first thing you read from an interwebz eggspurt and pass it along like Gospel to everyone you meet. :rolleyes:

Just kidding of course... I just spent 20 minutes reading some astounding BS on FB knifemaker forums and it made me a little snarky. :p

Also, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me the privilege of being the first to wish you all a Happy Thirstday.
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