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Snody Damascus.Kwaiken


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Oct 19, 1999
So there I was.. TRYING desparately to finish up my last minute Blade Show preparations flying across the friggin country to go a show I was not supposed to attend but many friends inticed me to go - it is good to be loved :).. and as some sign from above I receive a phonecall from Mr. Mike Snody. We chat a bit about his new projects and I hear that he is finishing up the batch of BG42 kozukas he would be selling in the show with his new CF coated [ambrosia] sheaths.. ofcourse I am excitred and try to talk him into saving a space for me on his inventory when he arrives...

What was about to follow totally caught me off guard and he tells me that my Damascus Kwaiken is ready. He asks me if I'm coming to the blade show and if I want it.. timid old me beats around the bush, saying "well if you can fit it in I woudl like that..." he then counters with a stern "Well Sniper, do you want THE DAMN KNIFE or NOT!?!"

This is the Mr. Mike I know, and have come to respect profusely. A man of few words but with a big heart (really).

I hear from Mrs M. that Mr. Mike apparently spent the last few nights cursing and screaming with glue covered hands to finish what I think (and others agree) a splendid heart stopping ORGANISMIC (private joke) piece :)

Despite him being behind schedule and stressed for time he finished the knife wrap and the leather lined magnetic sheath for the show.


Everytime somoene passed by the table and asked to buy the "sold" knife I felt a bit egostic and honoured that the knife was mine to have, and moreover to be photographed for Mr. Mike's portfolio. That really means and shows a lot.

As a bit of history Mr. MIke went through 2 or 3 damascus blades but didn't settle for second best when he presented this knife for me. When he saw the said piece of damascus (for this knife - after two attempts which he perfectionally set aside) he told me that it "Was the one" and by golly it was. I was in no rash hurry to get the knife because I knew that Mr. Mike would only send a custom order that he felt was the best.

To specs.. the Rose (?) pattern damascus blade is exactly 5 inches long and boasts a stunning contrast that even impressed Snody. And as requested it features black wrap over "BLOOOOOD" same.. (as I type this I can hear Mr. MIke saying "Bluuuud bluuuddd.. BLUUUUDDD!! SaaaaMEEEEEEE!" :p.. elegantly crowned by his trademark demon/oni menuki.

I really do not know where to begin.. the damascus is really breathtaking and the grinds are excellently executed. and my dear dudes.. I expect no less from Mr. Mike.

I don't own many damascus knives - I only own two.. and I really don't believe in it - but I just had to glorify my Snody collection with this damascus Kwaiken. As you know Mr. Mike has a terribly long backlog and despite that he keeps his prices reasonable - hell a steal!! As I mentioned time and time again Snody has the BEST quality to price ratio ever and I wil go to court with that statement. I don't thnk you can buy a knife of this calibre at ths price... and "retail" for his knives is a joke to me.. I woudl scoop it up anytime. :)

But price is only superficial, the lastiig impression is the whole package and it's a honour to show it to others.

Oh yeah this is a knife review.. not a psychoanalysis :p.. the handle wrap is aligned, straight and tight.. no qualms whatsoever..

The knife is also of thinner stock thatn my kwaiken which makes it lighter and faster yet it doesn't loose taht aauthoutritive heft that I so admire in Jap(n) tacs. It also balances well just before the turks head knot. Holding this knife I just don't feel anythign wrong with it - and I'm fickle like that.

I havent tested the edge on it except with my finger, scraping it lightly.. does ANYONE test damascus knives here?? well I might just do that darn it cuz this is a keeper. I just gotta get more of this funky goo grease...

Despite the horrendously stunning knife for me - an equally impressive addition (or shoudl I say innovation) is what Mr. MIke calls the "Gargoyle.Ambrosia" sheath system (at least it was last time I checked :p)... The "gargoyle" being the leather laminate and the "Ambrosia" being the magnetic sheath system.

The system is quite akin to JSP's leather laminate work and the mag sheaths of RJ fame. Never being left behind Mike introduced a new innovation that noone attempted to do before (prolly too much stress on the brain and too much glue to the sinus). The sheath is mahogany embedded with rare earth magnets that make the knife slip out of the sheath silently and smoothly with no damage to the blade yet retains it tight and securely.

The sheath is also reversible for tip up and tip down carry.. meaning that the ambrosia can be clipped to an inner jacket pocket for upsidedown carry with no fear of knocking the knife loose.

The whole package is laminated near seamlessly with leather (I think it's crocodile skin) exotic stuff... and a heavy duty clip is tied and glued onto the sheath.

My only suggestion as I have posted once before was to make the mahogany sheath a little thinner to accomodate better iwb carry.. my prefered carry method.. and thus my coin phrase "I got a snody in my pants :p"

For those who have kept track I took the plunge into Jap(n) tacs and never looked back.. I have had the honour of calling Mike Snody's Ronin Kwaiken in .25 stock and 3v my first "blind buy" and boy did I get my money's worth. That is one of the few knives that I liked from the first moment I touched it. And a "blind buy" at that? It was a blessing :)

I find this damascus kwaiken of similar grind a fitting compliment to "my first".. but despite all these mind numbing qualities of the knife (which I am sure I have missed some) nothign compares meeting a great guy like Mr. Mike. Pardon the shameless proganda but as mentioned he's a genius in his craft - in two years or so has mastered an art it takes other 20 years to attain. and he doesn't just mimic - he goes in own way - fears noone and innovates like a madman with new projects and new gizmos that leave me at awe - a new toy before I get over the coolness of the last one. He never limits himself and always seems to be growing...

This knife means a lot to me - because it came from a man who takes no bull (from others.. or from ME) and despite the tough exterior hides a kind heart. My kingdom for a picture or a video of Mr. Mike slaving over my knife with all his fingers glued together 2 days before the show, as if pleasing one customer meant the world and to hell with the rest of the show and the rest of his knives.

the jap(n) tac skeptics :barf: can be as they are and the fans can rejoice.

Thank you sir.. I think I'll name the knife "tenbatsu" (divine retribution).
Sounds like you're pretty happy with the purchase :)

You also happen to have in your hands a knife i've been lusting after for a while now. :D

Is Mike still too busy to take orders?


(etc etc diabolical laughter)

take my adivce - if a man talks abouta snody knife and says to you "do you want the damn knife or not.?!?!"

dont dilly dally you authouritively say "YES! YES SIR!!!!"

I am sure Snody's pop out.. on occation.. check ou;t tripleaughtdesign.com or bladeart.com or the forums.. one went for a steal recently. I woud lhave gotten it - but I have a lot on order ^_^
How many Snody's do you have Sniperboy? It seems like every couple of weeks your showing another new one better than the last. Stunning knife! Hey James. Triple Aught occasionally has a Snody for sale but you will have to beat me to it. Here's the last one they had http://www.tripleaughtdesign.com/karma_kozuka.htm . Its mine now :D .
Mr. Snody makes some great knives and I can't wait for him to start taking orders again so I can order my dream knife. Until then I will have to make due with my 2 kozukas.

Nice review as always S. Can't wait to get a damascus Snody all my own. I could almost here him say:
"Well Sniper, do you want THE DAMN KNIFE or NOT!?!"
Next time say no and send him my way =). Enjoy, and take it easy with the ORGANISMS.
Hey Sniper,
Thanks for the review. It made for some very interesting reading. I appreciate it. One clarification is in order. The first magnetic sheaths I made were constructed of wood (ambrosia). That is what I was using when you and I first discussed your knife. I quit using wood sometime later and went to a synthetic laminate which is very similiar to linen micarta. I had concerns with how wood would hold up (long term) with exposure to the elements. The laminate is superior in strength and can be washed out with no concerns of warpage or cracking. Anway your sheath is actually made of a composite laminate as opposed to wood (guess I should have told you). I am working on reducing the thickness of the sheath. I am currently using material that is .160" thick. This new sheath is called Mp1, magnetic composite. I am also working with a new synthetic material now. Give me a call and I will tell you about it.

Mike Snody

Now tell the story about hotel room at the Blade Show........Sniper jumping from bed to bed in his underwear waving that knife around......that nice sheath tucked IN his underwear......Gives a whole new meaning to IWB carry :rolleyes:

That IS a beauty!!!

Sorry S.

With all the comedians out of work.......I'll stick to knifemaking :confused:

I gotta QUIT looking at those Snody knives. I already broke my new years resolution once this year!!

S didn't pick up the knife till the last day of the show, so there was a lot of sulking cause, and I quote "I DON'T have a DAMASCUS Snody in my pants" :p . At one point we had to start calling random knifemakers in the middle of the night in an attempt to get someone to bring a damascus knife :D . So we spent the evening in Ruby Tuesday's waiting for you to arrive and end our woes. Fortunately we got the "bartender thinks we're knife psycho's blade show discount" ;) . All in all it was a good time, wish you could have been there. BTW nice avatar :cool:
Dude Mr. Blackwood, don't you feel loved that we saved a seat for you in Ruby TUesdays?! You owe us a round of beers now.
Congrat's, SB. Using and testing a damascus masterpiece is a tough decision. I hope you go for it and let us know what you think. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your enthusiasm!
Dude, where's my Snody? :D

Snipah-man, you're a crazy mofo! That Snody Kwaiken is, how do you say in Eeennngliish? BEAUTIFUL. Dare I say, even more beautiful than my stunning wife of 18 years? ( Just kidding honey. Ain't nothing more prettier than you, 'cept maybe that Angelina Jolie chick. HOO-YAA! )

Again, your deep, informative reviews are thoughtful, incisive, and provoking. "ORGANISMIC"? Dude, I haven't laughed so much since I watched Mr. Furley on Three's Company. No frozen hot dog cutting test either, eh? Guess you don't want to damage that gorgeous damacacus steel... sigh, oh well...

Seriously, sniperboy, I haven't gone to Bladeforums in awhile, and when I do, I gotta go ahead and read your great review on Snody's knife, and now I'm here drooling, going over all these schemes in my head on how I can convince my wifey poo on how I need another knife, "just one more!", and now I'm gonna go ahead and order one. Or maybe two. Question is...which one?