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Snow & Nealley Axes

Nov 23, 2006
I've been looking for a smaller axe to compliment my chainsaw kit, for hammering wedges and cutting jobs that aren't chain friendly. I came across a brand made in Maine called "Snow & Nealley" and their Hudson Bay Camping Axe. They're mid-priced and look pretty nice but I haven't seen them mentioned on this site before. Anyone use this brand? Your experience?
They are great axes (I have used a friends for a couple weeks), plus you are helping to support a small american company that has fallen on hard times.

I'm also interested in this axe. I read on some other forum that S&N changed the temper on their axes some time ago (in the 60s?), and the newer heads are much softer than they used to be. Supposedly the old heads are great, if you can find one. Can anyone confirm this? Also, are these axes actually made in Maine. I tried emailing the company, but they haven't gotten back to me.
I've checked a few sites on the web and the S&N axes are repeatedly referred to as "handcrafted in Maine". So it's an American product. I might just go ahead and order the Hudson Bay. Even if the head's a little soft and it doesn't have GB fit or finish, I like where my money's going.
I emailed the company and got a response the next day. I think it's kind of hit or miss because of the holidays.

I have a GB Small Forest Axe but want something a bit bigger. It's down to the Wetterlings 26" Forest axe or this one from S&N.

Right now I don't think they're online ordering is up and running. You'll have to order through one of their retailers. I too would much rather go with an American company if the quality for $ is anywhere close.
I live in Maine; Yes, they are GREAT axes. I picked one up a few years back for my father as an X-Mass gift. He splits his kindling with it. I got it at LL Beans in Freeport. The Axe is made in or near Bangor. It is top quality, trust me, or Beans would not sell it.