So...aside from playing with knives what other projects do you have going right now?

Feb 27, 2001
I just started a cool one..a few days ago I was in the back 40 with my tractor..running over stuff and moving a burn pile from one spot to another with my front end loader. There is this old trailer back there that I thought the wheel bearings had seized up long ago. Its in bad shape. So I scoop it up with the loader preparing to push it out of the way and low and behold both wheels spun!..more than that they both had air in the tires. So a quick examination of the wheels, hitch, and frame reveal aside from the box there is nothing wrong with this trailer. So yesterday I smashed off the wood box on the trailer and made a quick trip to the lumberyard. Im going to build a new box on the frame out of treated lumber ($100 worth) and then I will have a cool trailer to haul my bikes etc around in! I was going to buy a trailer in the spring ($600-$1000) now I dont have to! It looks to be a fun project. I first have to sand down and repaint the frame and then do all the carpentry etc. but it will be a good winter project.

So what are you corkies doing??
Fixing (?) freakin' terlets! :grumpy:

The scene is more like that commercial where folks stand up and say "I am not a ____________ (insert trade here)" and sparks fly, things fall, others blow up, and total mayhem ensues in the background. My hands are black from the rust and whatever else lives in the far recesses of a toilet. There is water, crap, pi$$ and God only knows what on the floor up to my ankles. The girls are turning blue and yellow from holding stuff in while Java the Younger just laughs and fertilizes the live oaks in the back yard. I'm slip-sliding everywhere and trying to hold on while stabilizing the tank realizing I have to be at the semiconductor mines in less than 4 hours for my normal 12 on the graveyard shift. Fatigue, frustration, anger at myself for not starting this on my day off are all combing in the grim realization that I am a mere mortal with minimal skills in this area.

"I am not a plumber!!!!"

Please send help...pleeeeeaaaase.......
I *should* be unclogging drains, but I *rather* work on my latest sheath.
Next leather project is a double sheath for my new Marbles Woodies.
Gary G. has nothing to worry about.
I'm finishing up partial merit badge requirements and Eagle Scout project paperwork, so I can get Eagle by next spring. Also I'm working out and stuff (is that a project?), aside from wrestling. Trying to lose 15 good lbs by December, not very hard.
1) Polishing resume :rolleyes:
2) Casting hard, sidelong glances @ the Lap Mountain Dulcimer in its case in the living room instead of taking it out & actually practicing/playing/learning.
3) Running to the kitchen to grab another one of the cookies that I baked (with Dove Bar dark chocolate bits).
4) Ignoring phone calls.
It's final year for me so i'm doing loads of university stuff:

1) Final Year Project: Superglue fuming of whole rooms

Had to build a tank to fume in to simulate a larger room so i can measure the levels of cyanoacrylate in the air after a fuming session

Been having trouble finding solvents to use with cyanoacrylate. So am still researching on that.

2) Crime scene investigating

Doing a mock crime scene and analysis of evidence and report writing.

Basically that's gonna be my life for the next 7 months.
Playing with new digital camera, and working my way through Photoshop Elements.

Finishing up the annual Xmas card drawings so as to keep the Mrs. off my back.

Starting obedience training for the 5-month old Lab. (he's got lots more energy than me!)

Point44- keep at it! We can always use good crime-scene guys. Our little "Campus" department relied on the local County police for years, but we've invested in training and materials for our own guys, and we've been making a variety of forensic cases that the local PD's don't have time for.
I'm finishing the interior of my new shop.

Shelves, workbenches, air lines, electrical, ect.

A little knife content; last sunday morning I was building some long shelves above my new workbench, and after I made some cuts with the circular saw, I was using my utility knife to clean out the corners of the cuts, and I slipped.

The result wa a nice large hole in the web of my left hand, between my thumb and forefinger. :eek:

After a couple hours in the emergency room, I departed with several internal as well as six external stitches, and a very sore hand.

Be careful using your knives on your winter projects.
I am currently hunting down optics and rings for my long gun.(NorCal built 300 win mag) I am also trying to finish a 1911 project for a friend. Gun stuff keeps me busy! :D
working on a new startup in the marketing technology area

obsessing over flashlights


improving my tactical shooting in a self-study program at the range
Home renovations - interior design. Aquired an appartment in the heart of the Perth CBD and in the process of completely stripping and re-fitting. Finding the time is the hardest part of this hobby as I work between 60 - 70 hours a week in my usual biz, but its all taking shape, albeit not as quick as I would like.
Besides trying to decide on a major and get registered for classes for next semester, I'm working big-time on my car. I need to drop the tranny soon to replace the input bearing retainer and throwout bearing, but that's just a maintenance thing. The main project over the winter is building the new 2.3T motor that's going into my car in spring or summer. I've got a few major parts hunted down, but I've gotta wait until I get the head and shortblock rebuild before I can bolt stuff on. Only then will I really find all the tiny things that will be needed. I'm shooting for high 14's for under a grand...considering I run high 19's now, that's a big deal. :D

Gollnick said:
That may not be the best combination. :D

If anyone is calling me in response to my resume on a Sunday night, that's not necessarily a good thing... be afraid... :eek:
Generally ducking unimportant phone calls so I can enjoy my soup & cookies in peace. :p
Clowns are trying to eat me.
Ren the devils trailboss said:
So what are you corkies doing??

My Dawes Super Galaxy touring bicycle has spent too much time in the garage on its own. I hope to get a workstand for Christmas (got sniped on a good one on Ebay two days ago... :grumpy: ). If I do, I'll bull up the Dawes.

Then, in the spring, I have half a mind to do Land's End to John O'Groats!


maximus otter
That's interesting, Max.
Take lot's of photos and show us, if you do decide to go.
Studying to take the Fire Lt. test. :D

Getting my computer repair business off the ground. :eek:

Christmas shopping. Bah! Humbug! :grumpy:
Trying to get the last motorcycle ride of the season before winterizing and doing some PMs on the bike.

Moving my office from the downstairs, foyer to a real room upstairs, with a door.

Sellin' stuff on Ebay to supplement my current nonexistent income,(I do get some rent money).

Helpin' my daughter with her algerbra.