So, I'm at the knife/gun show when....

Dec 19, 2000
.....I stumble upon a dealer who has a certain Bob Lum Chinese Folder with the serial #666. I was surprised that it was still around, given the thread that recently graced this forum. (I found the thread, but it was located in community and I wanted to post here.)

Aside from the serial number(which doesn't matter much to me) I feel this is a wonderful knife and the VG-10 is razor sharp(my arm can attest to that). I just wanted y'all to know that someone has found the pleasure of a new knife with some sort of stature(c'mon guys, let me be a part of the history...hahaha).

Anyway, to me it is special(and really cool).



If you find you must throw something at me, please make it a custom.

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Good for you. I remember that thread, I actually posted something on it. Hope you enjoy the knife, I know I would.

Think my eyes are going like the rest of me. First time I read it, I thought you used the word suture, instead of stature. Briefly there, admired your sense of humor.