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So its hunting season...Who's cut themself?

Don't know if anyone else ever does this but.........I'm a normally careful user of sharp tools. I never seem to have an accident, except when tired. Whenever I lack sleep or put in a couple of shifts back to back, I get careless and my mind goes into neutral (doesn't have far to go since its usually in first anyhow).

Deer season opened up in WV last week....That means, wake up at 5am and go to work in the afternoon. After 3-4 hrs sleep each night things start to happen. Wednesday dinner comes walking up to my stand. After dragging my dinner to the base of a steep muddy hill, I realize that I'm going to have a time dragging 230+ pounds up that hill. Here comes Subaru to the rescue...."Over the hill and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go. WhoooHoo!!!" After all, who needs a quadrunner when they can use an Outback.

Next day, its time to process the meat. 50 Pounds of steak later, that Koncept Back Alley Fighter is getting kind of gummy. Better clean it off again. What do I do? I dip it in warm water and run a paper towel over it. Its got a dagger grind, but one false side. Not puttinig to use the neurons designed for simple tasks and sense common to a 6 year old, the 'ol pain receptors kick in.....you guessed it, wrong edged gets cleaned. The neurons responsible for causing the vocal cords to involuntarily say things like, "ouch!",
"!#*@+%", and other such expletives respond and blood flows from a normally healthy index finger. Didn't stop for an hour and a half. I wraped it w/a paper towel, but kept on working until the job was done. I know its gross, but I'll be eating most of the meat, so I don't care if its my blood or the venison blood congealing in the frying pan w/onions, ramps, salt and pepper. Probably forget about it by the time it comes out of the freezer.

Got mad at myself for being so stupidly careless. Felt like I just got done punching the wrong hole in a ballot
. Instead of punching it in venison, I punch(slice actually) a half inch slice, approx a quarter inch deep into my weak hand trigger finger.

No big deal, but Dr. Walt Welch's good advice comes to mind....hauntingly, over and over again, "every hand laceration is a serious laceration. The only solution is to avoid cutting yourself in the first place...." The scars on top of scars on my hands are a testimony of this West Virginian's carelessness as well as handling of strange furry critters who carry their own blades.

I'm not complaining or looking for sympathy, of course. Its just a cut. Just wondering if this is a common occurance out there. BTW, After expossing the cut to the potential of plenty of nasty bacteria and parasites(?), it got cleaned and dressed after a liberal coating of antibiotic ointment. I treated my finger too.........
I closed the cut and used super glue after a couple of days. Should have done it day one.

One the way home that night, an arrow turned green in the next lane. I was stoped at the light and drove straight through the intersection......Someone blew their horn, and I realized that I needed sleep and would not be going out the next day. That could have been worse than a little cut.

So, anyone else cut themselves, or use their car to drag their deer back home? And under what conditions?

I don't realy think this story is worth posting except that it might remind us to use extra caution and save someone a pint of blood this season.

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Jun 14, 2000
Yesterday, 11/30/00....Pheasent hunting.....2 birds.....1 knife.....wet weather and cold hands....5" laceration to palm of hand past wrist......3 hrs in ER....22 stitches. OUCH!!!

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Can't think of a time that I haven't cut myself skinning my fresh kill. Usally after finishing the task at hand I'm diving deep into the home first aide kit for bandaides and antibiotic creams. Looking forward to a fresh cut in the morning.

Come to think of it, this years deer (yesterday), is the first one I didn't cut myself on
. Oh well, I'll try harder in doe season



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Yep, got my new MT SOCOM Elite in the mail on Thursday, killed a deer Friday and decided to break it in. Cut myself three times, Twice with the knife and once on a jagged deer rib.Oh well, I can still eat tenderloin with Band-aids on my fingers.