So many beautiful thing!

Feb 10, 2001
Monday I sent Uncle Bill a check to cover the down payment for whatever I end up getting. Right now I'm leanning toward the 20" Sirupati again because I like the martial arts aspect and the weedwhacking abilities with some light chopping abilities.
The reason for this post though, I did a search on this and the two archives on topics that have the term pix in the title. And I must say, just about everything that came up was beautiful!
So, out of your personal inventories, what do you think is the prettiest thing you own? And, what's your current dream khukuri as far as looks?
Hi Bob!
That's a tough one! All of mine are just for using,don't really have any artsy khuks. I really like my Ank Khola's, there just Perfect! I do think they are all very beautiful in many different ways!!

Chris B.
I am a fickle sort of guy, so my favorite tends to change from one day to the next, but of all my HI khukuris I have always thought this one was not too shabby.

Ahhhh, kothimoda. That is a beauty. I could never imagine using something like that though. Could you???
My YCS of course!!!!

After that I would have a hard time chooseing as I think they're all beautiful. But if I absolutey have to choose it would be the GRS for 2nd place.



Indin word for lousy hunter.