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So many knives to buy.. please help to decide

Oct 12, 1998
Ok, last year i was a little broke and didn´t spend that much money on knives. Nothing really seemed to interes me. Butg this year every time i check out a magazine or hit hthe net I could go buckwild with my cc.
Now, what I think I definitely "need" is:
Helles Belle(Ontario)
Busse combat basics(2,4)
Pocket Hobbit
MOD Razorback
and a Espady y daga set by Kris cutlery.
give me your comments and advises to help me with my painfull yet pleasurable desicion making
Matt from Munch
Helles Belle - I like Ontario products as a whole. Haven't had interaction with this model though.

Busse - Good stuff. I've handled a few but don't own one.

Pocket Hobbit - Agressive, nasty, mean looking knife. I bought one just to have and am looking to get rid of it. I have no use for it. Other than that, it's a great knife. Strong and razor sharp.

M2 AFCK - Great knife design - great steel. A definite buy.

MOD Razorback - I don't particularly care for Mr. Ayoob or his knife. Too thin with features that don't make sense on a knife like this. (Multiple blood grooves.....) I do read his writings once in a while.

Espada y daga - Yo no se nada!
Don't buy the MOD Razorback if you want it to cut or slice. It is only capable of serious piercing, the sheath is really good though. The blade is too thick and narrow, if they put a more hollow grind on it, I guess it could cut better.
M2 AFCK, that is making my wish list, the regular ones have very good reviews, with the addition of the High Speed Steel it should be very good?

My recom...

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard