so many unanswered questions...

May 8, 2003
when will the BRT be up for sell?
when will the mini be up for sell?
when will the Swamprat companystore be up?
when will my Safari Skinner be ship?
when will I get my questions answered?

:confused: :confused: :p
Jun 11, 2004
I know its hard to wait. I know when swamprat says 1 day they really mean 15 days. and when they say weeks, they really mean months..... However, there is a bright side to all of this.....

Swamprat is a respected company for its quality. The company shows respect the customers by making quality products. The time issues that we all have is due to quality. The wait time is due to quality. The delays and the inaccurate aproximations of shipment dates are all because of quality. Swamprat will never sell you a knife they feel doesn't meet their requirements of high quality.

So here is the question....

Would you rather wait several months for a high quality product, or would you rather have a product rushed and shipped away to meet a deadline?

waiting several months maybe hard, but its actually saving you time. Because if you get a crappy product in the mail on time, you'll end up shipping it back and having them fix the problem, then waiting again for them to ship it back to you after they fix the problem that wouldn't have been there if they had the time to do it right in the first place.

On the other side of this coin..... All the anticipation and suspense for these knives can be avoided if swamprat would stick to their schedules a bit more. Im waiting for a battle rat tactical myself.
Jul 22, 2004
I too am waiting on a battle rat tactical and also a howling rat tactical or bandicoot tactical. I can deal with the waiting pretty good it's just the not knowing how long the wait will be that is'nt good.