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    Jun 6, 2002
    Sorry if it’s been covered before but my internet is currently stupid-slow and my searches are timing out.

    Just wanted to make sure I got this right—so it isn’t just no more saying “BTTT” but even replying and posting price decreases on knives for sale, the thread NEVER comes back up where people can see it? Does is come back up if somebody else posts to it? Seems like your only hope of selling anything is if the magic buyer just happens to be looking at the exact moment you put your thread up, otherwise it becomes buried; or you keep closing and reposting your thread, which is awfully clutter-ish.
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    Too many people pulled cheatsies when the exchange forums were sorted by "most recent post" and the written rule was "no BTT posts". So, a number of years ago Spark changed the sort order to "sort by thread start date", and locked that in.

    If your item does not sell after 14 days, you can post it in a fresh thread. Seems to work well enough for most sellers.
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    Jun 6, 2002
    Ahah, hadn’t noticed on my sales last year. Okay then—ever forward. Thanks much
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