So.... What's your point?

Oct 2, 1998
A lurker, who for lack of computing skills and language barrior, wishes to ask us a question and he will absorb the info. He want to know what we need all those different points on a knife for? Like Drop, Spear, Tanto etc....

So What's your point and why?

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To paraphrase Joe's FAQ : some points are better than others for different tasks.

That, and it gives you an excuse to buy more knives.

If I had a point, I probably wouldn't ramble on for so long

My fave general-use point is the long-straight clip point. One that provides plenty of belly for jobs that require such, and a good very-sharp point (I'm willing to give up a little strength for great point penetration).

If you'll send our lurker to:

Many of his questions might get answered. I hope.

We just had a discussion on blade shapes on this forum. Check back past 10 days and it should be in there.
Probably the seem reason we need 50 different knife companies. Choices. I'm sure there are good reasons for each point, I don't know them all, but I'm sure someone does.
I've come to like a sharp drop or straight
spear point, because they have some belly,
but also a sharp point right where it belongs -
centerline. On a more skinner type drop/clip,
you got belly, but no point. I'm also newly
fond of the Cold Steel tantos, but too much
or the cutting happens in a small blade area.
The Stryker tanto looks like a great compromise.
Simply put, different tools for differnt jobs. I personally carry a clip point, think it is a pretty good all around use design. Of course on my butterfly knives, it is weehawk and for overall use and spearpoint just fro the double edge challenge of working it.


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I get a lot of use out of the hawkbill shaped blade and the sheepsfoot for cutting the tape off of wire splices and for cutting the outer insulation off of cables.A good tanto point can be used in my line of work as an excellent general utility knife for cutting reinforced hose and such.A strong point and blade that is not brittle and is easy to sharpen is a necessity for use on modern building materials.
I usually carry a clip or a spear point but I choose a knife based on all of it's features, not just blade shape.

For utility, I use a clip dropped point eg.the DASOCOM. For the aircraft and cars,I have a tanto pt. auto stryker as well as a FB.When sentry silencing was part of the job discription, I carried a sharp, straight clip or a double edge dagger or spear pt. I have a Civilian for safe boat work and web cutting Different pts. for different applications.