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So who is getting what in NY?


May 25, 2000
Hey fellas just wondering what you boys will try to pick up at the show this year ?I am thinking about a sebenza classic 2000 and some other custom....Oh boy I got the jitters cant wait to go!! : )
I'm still not sure on all the particulars but I know there will be at least one new < 4" fixed blade in my future & most likely a Valois belt buckle knife. Beyond that, I'm not really sure. I'll have a couple of things to trade & hope to find some others of like mind.

BTW, good luck with the Sebenza. Chris Reeve won't be there himself this time but some dealers will likely have them. I'm pretty sure KnifeArt carries his knives & I know they are attending.


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I'm supposed to have an Arclite coming from Darrel Ralph, my first neck knife. I'm also going to be looking for my first handmade linerlock with stag scales. Plus I have to buy some stag for a dagger that Allen Blade is going to make for me.

Well anyway that's the plan.

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A custom Apogee and two Arclites from Darrel Ralph.

I know, I know. I am going to get a Bob Dozier Folding Dagger. This one is going to have a little extra anodizing, and a sharpened back edge. Check it out on www.dozierknives.com . Best part? I don't even have to go to New York to get it. I called and got it before it made it to New York!

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I am not quite sure yet. It will probably be a fixed blade. I am waiting for the ECCKS to get my first custom folder.

I only have about $300.00 to throw around on saturday. Will there be a decent amount of knives at this price range, or am I totaly underfunded?

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See you guys soon.


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One of the reasons I prefer this show to the ECCKS, Louis, is that there is a good selection in the <$300 range. Chavar, Dozier, Nealy, Easler, Bernard, and Britton are just some of the folks who come to mind. Have fun!


He who finishes with the most toys wins.
Artsig,Hmmmm I like that folding dagger I hope he brings more to the show !