Socom Elite Vs Autostryker

Jan 4, 2001
I am looking to buy a new auto and need a little on help making up my mind. I have seen a lot of people carrying the stryker and only once have seen a socom. Can someone please give me some insight as to which way to go. i have enough money for either and wouldn't mind spending more for the socom if it is worth it. Thanks
The socom is a superior knife. Better fit, better finish, better materials, better heat treat. But, it is a BIG knife, and I dont find mine terribly comfortable to carry. The part of the blade that contacts the stop pin juts out, so it tends to want to hang on the lip of my jeans pocket, and it can bite yer hand too if you reach in to get some keys. The elites are prone to change... pocket change. the slots in the back of the handle are large enough now that change easily gets caught. If the auto stryker suffers this same prollem I dunno. Have fun.
No contest! The Elite is much better in quality, sharpness and feel. The pocket change comment is true I am sorry to say. I shot a dime across the room once. Shop around for prices, try S.O.F. knives. Karl can fill you in on the pros and cons much better than I can.E- mail him at Hope this helps.
Clowner - after carrying a Wegner jr. for a couple of years, several months ago I purchased an Elite. It is indeed a step up in size.

With the Elite they seem to have gotten everything about right. The knife takes a wonderful edge, holds an edge, and using Spyderco's ceramic sharpener, is a breeze to sharpen. The fit and finish appear perfect. The blade is precisely centered, opens and closes smoothly, the anodized handles are devoid of tool marks, it feels solid in the hand and cuts like crazy.

I would recommend the Elite. You cannot go wrong with that knife. Jack
given the choice of a microtech socom elite over the benchmade stryker the microtech would win my vote hands down....the mircotech auto in question (or for that matter any microtech) is made with superior fit and finish as well as better blade steel than any benchmade auto or manual ever made.....the quality control on the benchmade autos leaves something to be desired in my opinion.....the elite is a much larger knife and may cost you more but you get a helluva lot more bang for each dollar spent with the microtechs....benchmade has done one great marketing job particularly in the law enforcement arena that they have a great product and the sad fact is that the quality of their auto line has slipped over the years...dont believe their bullsh*t marketing ploy and do yourself a favor and get the microtech....feverdoc

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Ferrari(socom elite) or Corvette(stryker).

What is this existential quandry all about anyway?
Not to fault Benchmade, because they are very good, but MT is the best, go with the Elite