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Jul 2, 2000
I just got one and am very impressed. I've had a regular SOCOM, an LCC, a vector, 2 M-UDT's, a Kestrel and both style mini SOCOMs, but I sold all of em'. Stupid me right? I think I'm gonna start my Microtech collection back up startng with this one, but I'm going to use it though It's a keeper. Mine was born on 6/2000. It has a BB finish. Let's hear from all you SE lovers.

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I'm real pleased with mine. I got it NIB from sabre. I'm right-handed, like the knife, but the way it's set up, I have no trouble opening it lefty, and not much trouble closing it lefty, either. But that microbar can be stiff to close. It feels very light in my hand for a big blade.
Yes. I have 2--both also born 6/2000. One SW, one BB. Both plain edge. They are very impressive. For a large knife, the SE handles beautifully. Very fast in the hand and also carries quite comfortably in various carry positions.

Good luck.

I have three of them and I think they are fantastic knives. I have one preproduction grind and two of the second grind. I think the second grind is probably a better user, but I like the looks of the preproduction better.
One of mine is #0921 and has the swedge cut down almost to the mid-point of the blade. Is that pre-production?

The other is #1281 and the swedge is almost non-existent. The thickness of the blade is basically along the spine.

Both are top notch. The earlier model would appear to have a more tactical look.

That's right. Your #0921 is the preproduction grind. I think it is a better looker. I also forgot about my new Socom Elite Tanto, so I guess that makes four that I have.