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Soddie comback


Oct 3, 2006
Well, it's been four days and no sign of my Peanut. Well, life goes on I guess, so I've taken my Soddie jr. out of retirement. I've been carrying my SAK Standard Issue since I lost my Peanut, but since I also carry my Wave, all the other tools on the SAK are pretty repetitive. So, I've decided that since traditional is the way to go, my Soddie will be called to duty once again. Besides, after reading all the other posts on here about how good and solid a knife the Sodbuster is, I don't feel I can really go wrong with it, specially since it will be a pretty hard working tool. Hope this one doesn't disappear on me as well.
The soddie is a wonderfull edc knife. There is a profesional trapper here in Maryland up in Frederick who has carried a Case yellow CV sodbbuster for all his cutting needs for years. He swears by it over all other knives.

Refresh my memory, what soddie do you have?
I have the Case SS black handled Sodbuster Jr. Cool little knife, and sheeple friendly too, since it doesn't have a pointed end. I wrote about that in another thread, how I never had a problem with anyone when I used it in public. It seems that if a knife has no point, it doesn't really scare people because, I guess the only way you can "hurt" someone is by stabbing them. No point, no stab. Who knows.
I carry a Case Sodbuster Jr yellow handle CV every day. I love the natural patina the steel is getting over time. Its a workhorse of a little knife. I have a few black handle SS ones also, but if you really want love the Sodbuster, go pick up the cv version.
i hear the sodbuster is a nice knife. sorry about your peanut, man. i'm sure it'll turn up when you least expect it.
The Sodbuster is a great design. Very utilitarian and a classic as well.

But it is not a peanut. I can tell you are missing yours, and since you respectfully declined my original offer to replace yours, how about considering this fun idea to kick off the New Year?

You PM or email me your mailing address. I send you the peanut I offered you. If you find your original peanut, or get another knife you like as well, then pass this one on to someone who needs one, or has lost one. Or you could start a peanut passaround on this forum for folks that want to try one. When and if you pass it on, you provide the same suggestion to the new recipient. That way the peanut has a fun life and becomes an object of good will as opposed to sitting alone in a box in my desk drawer. :)

What do you guys think?

Happy New Year!
A most generous offer ElCuchillo, how can you refuse??
Happy New Year!!
Damn. What an offer. Plus, I am a firm believer in the pay-it-forward philosophy. Ok, fewpop, deal. I'll PM you my address. I don't know, though, that's a pretty sweet lookin Peanut. I mean, if I find mine, it's all good, but if I don't.... I might not find one I like better!! LOL. Everything is everything, though, let's get this new year rollin.
Got your email ElC.

The pay-it-forward peanut is heading south tomorrow.

Cool beans. :)