SOF Convention


Don’t think I can make SOF this year. I’m trying to save up for a trip next summer. Maybe you can bring me back a souvenir!

Have a good time.


Jim Six
Adventure, Intrigue & Cheap Thrills
Jeff. When you return could you post the dates for the convention next year. I am look at attending the 2000 convention and will have to book my holidays for next year this October.

I sure was thinking of going earlier in the summer as this will be a particularly interesting event being the 20th anniversary. But in the end I realized I do not really belong there and other events have over taken the time slot at this point including a knife throwing competition on the 25th.

But Jeff please do say hello to Newt for me if you remember. I spoke to him by phone earlier in the summer and thought at that time I might be going. Have a great time.