SOG and The Working Man's Knife

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  1. Stargater


    Jan 1, 2015
    SOG makes some very nice knives and I've bought several of them, but none of them are what I'd call a "working man's" knife. The finishes on my Super Bowie, my Agency, and my Tech Bowie are superb, but when all is said and done, they're all show knives.

    The Agency is in many ways is one of my favorite knives. I bought it because I can't afford a Colt Python with a deep blue finish, and the finish on my Agency is the closest I'll ever come to being able to seeing it in this life! But if I ever needed a knife for real, I wouldn't reach for my Super Bowie, but a fifty dollar Ontario. My SOGs are all safe queens and every so often I'll dig them out of my safe (a box under my bed) and admire them. The AUS8 blades are sharpened to perfection and the blades are a thing of beauty. If you ever found yourself in the wild or your plane crashed you needed a knife, your SOG could easily be called into service and would do a fine job. Thus, your beauty could easily be turned into a beast at a moment's notice and it would fare well. The only issue would be that the Super Bowie has a handle that's a bit large for most people.

    I've searched YouTube for videos of working reviews on SOG knives in the field, but it's difficult to mar those beautiful finishes. Two great survival tools besides a great knife would be a good .22LR rifle like the Henry Survival Rifle, which packs into the stock and floats. (To be honest, the SOG Agency would not be a very useful knife in the wilderness, but it's a great stealth knife and a superb pig sticker.)


    The SOG Agency is a 1970s Vietnam-era knife that is combat oriented, but
    beautiful. It's beauty can't be justified in a photograph, but it's gorgeous.
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    Nov 7, 2005
    That"s the thing with those vietnam era inspired designs... SOG Knives were probably targeting mainly collectors rather than the cash strapped "working man". Just take a look at the msrp on them...
    But, steep prices don't always stop certain folks from discovering the true working blade performance of these models.
    Strange when one considers that the actual vietnam era 6" sog bowie was in itself a presentation wall hanger :)
    That pair of yours looks awfully sweet, btw. I can certsinly see your attraction to the knife. Its an elegant piece that would have been worth every dollar, had i the nerve to splurge...
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