Sog Arcitech

Mar 19, 2005
This knife has been advertised as a collector's item. But I am wondering, with the San Mai blade featuring a VG10 core lamininated with 420J2 steel if this knife is up to hard use? Is it a safe queen or has anyone actually used one and discovered it's performance.

I am borderline ordering one but I don't want to buy a knife that can not stand up to field use. Thanks.
While I'm not user I would personally buy the Arcitech for hard use because of the price, there is no doubt that the knife and lock will stand up to just about anything you could throw at it. SOG does not make junk. It's a quality tool, have no doubt.

Sounds like a good blade -- too good if anything, in that VG-10 is a great steel that really doesn't need the 420 to protect it. I bet the knife would be a good user.
Thanks for the responses so far. I am just about on the verge of ordering one. Anyone have any negative comments before I commit?
Laminated blade is no go for me. Also stag handle may not be the best choice for user knife. For the $250 street price, it could also have

However I've been thinking about Tomcat3 - similar style, half the Arcitech's price, also VG-10 (this time not laminated :thumbup:) but Kraton handle inlays :barf: and stainless steel instead of Titanium

Probably replacable (screws) but still a hassle :(

Anyway, let us know what did you buy and don't forget to post pics :thumbup:
The tomcat 3 looks like an even better deal for the price. Now I'm in a quandry - Tomcat 3 or Arcitech - HELP! :confused:
The tomcat 3 looks like an even better deal for the price. Now I'm in a quandry - Tomcat 3 or Arcitech - HELP! :confused:

I'm biased against Kraton on folders (probably not very rational but that's point of being "biasad" :), isn't it?).

If you can live with Kraton (or you are willing/able to replace kraton with say wood) pick Tomcat.

You probably know about it, but just for record and variety: there is also BM Mini Rukus (615):
I too think the Tomcat 3 is a better deal if you want a user. I'm thinking of getting one too...
Arcitech, I think, has a pocket clip but the Tomcat does not .... just a note
I'm definately a pocket clip kinda guy so the absence of one on the Tomcat 3.0 makes me hesitate. I like everything else on the Tomcat and adding some wood or even micarta grips for the kraton would make it appeal even more. I would have to cover that rear corner of the handle though! It just throws the balance of the whole knife out of whack for me. I like the sound of that VG-10 blade at 3.75" X .160". To me, thick=beefy/heavy duty.
I have a Tomcat 1. Now i am debating a 3.0, or an Arcitech. I want a clip. I want one hand opening.
I am trying to figure out how to justify the Arcitech. Seems like an awful lot to pay to get a pocket clip.

Seems like i still dont get my one hand opening .
SOG could put a clip on their 3.0, I'd buy it and decide i can live without the clip.

HEY SOG!!!!!! clip on the 3.0, ok?
The tomcat 3 looks like an even better deal for the price. Now I'm in a quandry - Tomcat 3 or Arcitech - HELP! :confused:

No contest in my opinion. Tomcat all the way. Blade not laminated, Kraton inserts, (some don't like them but I do), Arc lock, nice belly on the blade. A real working knife and VERY nice looking. To me, it's superior to the Architech and for less money.

While it's true it has no clip, I don't think that's such a big deal. Many of us "older folks" carried a Buck 110 in its leather pouch for years. I did and found it comfortable, secure, and easily accessible. I also have had some custom "fiction" sheaths made for some of my larger knives that I would never carry otherwise because they are so uncomfortable in my pocket (Spyderco Manix and Benchmade Ruckus, so far).

It's on my buy list also.

I have one I picked up about a month ago. It is a VERY nice looking knife that I've hesitated to carry so as to not mark it up any. The edge came hair popping sharp and has an extremely nice mirror finish. Lock up is dead on the money and the blade just floats out of the handle when you push on the thumb stud. All that stainless steel and then thr red bone handle slabs make for an extremely nice looking knife. The clip is mounted so that all the knife slides in to the pocket and I do like that. The only thing I would have liked to have seen would be doing the Arcitect up in a larger model like the TomcatIII, but then thats just me!:D:D:D
According to SOG's catalog, they will have a version with carbon fiber handles available before the end of the year. Looks nice. I may have to get one as the handle on the current model did not interest me, whereas the rest of the knife did.