SOG Bowie newbie

Apr 5, 2002
Hi SOG forum:

I'm an SOG newbie, and I'm really interested in the SOG bowie line (commemorative, recon, and trident in particular). How do the knives feel in the hand, and what type of "work stress" are these knives capable of handling? How are they different from each other, other than materials and dimensions? Is one more of a fighter than the other? Is one more capable of heavy duty work than the other?

Also, I keep reading about an SOG article that's apparently, no longer up. Is it possible to post a link for this article?

I've always been a fan of large bowies, and medium sized folders. But now that I'm growing more fascinated with 6"-8" fixed blade lengths, the SOG bowie line keeps coming up. So any comments and opinions on this very popular line would be greatly appreciated by this very eager SOG bowie newbie. :)
4 Ranges, I don't have any SOG bowies, but there are lots of buddies of mine that have many, they all seem to really like the bowie line of SOG. I am sure they will give you some info., maybe even find the story you speak of. Stay tuned :D .

Robbie Roberson. ;)
Thanks Robbie...but where are the SOG bowie owners?? :( I'd love some input.

btw: I handled an SOG Recon recently, and I didn't really dig the profile. The SOG Bowie and SOG Trident are more my style, based on the pictures. Can't wait to get THOSE.
4 Ranges, several of the members here have them, I don't recall ever hearing negative comments about them, stay tuned, someone will probably give you some info. on them.
Robbie Roberson ;)
I've been out & about for a few days and haven't checked-in here at the Forum.

my personal descent into this knife madness all started with the SOG Bowie and the SOG Seal 2000, and those were the first Real Knives I ever owned. Up to that point I only had beaters... and didn't even know they were beaters, I just had no clue there was such quality out there.

I've always liked fixed blades only, and I've always like the Bowie style. Then I read one comment by a former SOG employee as regards SOG's take-care-of-you attitude of customer service and decided to become a SOG owner.

That was one of the smartest things I've ever done because all the SOG knives I now own (and have owned) are fantastic. All have great feel in the hand, take and keep a razor edge, and do every job I ask them to do.

The SOG Bowie (their S-1 model) has remained my favorite. I prefer the carbon steel blade and the leather-washer handle. After washing and scrubbing the handle a few times with a scouring pad to remove all the varnish, it is now nicely scuffed up and easier to hang onto. The very thick 0.280" blade is awesome and will make a nice pry bar, should a person ever do something foolish like that. Every time I go hunting that knife is on my belt.
And as I understand it, the Trident has the same blade shape as the Bowie, but with different steel and handle material.

The SOG Recon Bowie is hands-down one of the most beautiful works of knife art I've seen.

The SOG Seal 2000 is equally fantastic, I've used mine extensively in the field and like it so much I did a "nice thing" and let a pal-in-need buy it from me.

Fortunately I have the perfect companion/replacement: the SOG Tigershark. Do yourself a favor and check out the Tigershark. It is my most-favorite camp knife, and do-most-everything knife. As the saying goes, "if your Tigershark can't get you out of the trouble you're in, you really are in trouble."

And I'm privileged to own two other earlier model SOG fixed blades, the Tech I and Tech II (both in the Bowie style). Both are in my never-sell pile.

Cheers and Happy SOG,

Pig Hunter:

awesome, awesome post!! Just what I was looking for. I'm really leaning towards the Trident and SOG1, as the bowie profile is my favorite. I'm glad to hear that they can be prybars if need be. :eek:

Thanks again bro'!
New Pig Hunter, thanks Carl, I knew you could help this person out, if anyone knows what these knives will do, it's you and Wildmanh. Man I did not know you have done this much with yours :eek: , what have you NOT done with yours ? :D


Robbie Roberson ;)
oh stop ...... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: you're going to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about.....

I'm just one guy with an opinion..... Mr SOG has done all the really hard work by bringing a great product to the marketplace. And I for one am mighty happy and grateful that he has.

what haven't I done with my SOG's ?? I haven't let get old and rusty and unused in some dark corner.....
I've even chopped a granite rock with my Tigershark.... not on purpose though, I still haven't quite sharpened out the divot from that bit of foolishness.


I've got the regular bowie with the Vietnam 5th SF group markings and these are my opinions and observations...

The bluing is absolutely gorgeous... as you draw the blade from the sheath, you're met with a smooth blade, the colors and textures of which you would expect from a high quality firearm. The high carbon steel blade will rust quickly if neglected, but takes on a wickedly sharp edge (which of course is a knife's primary objective). In the hand, the knife is well balanced although small. It looks much larger from across the room, but as you wield it, it becomes a rather impotent blade for fighting or preparing large foodstuffs, and rather unwieldy for fine tasks. The leather handle is of good quality and gives you a nice firm grip.

The sheath is quite large, too large I think, for the size of the knife it carries although the leather is nice and firm. The knife seems to swim around inside the sheath. The pocket on the sheath is quite small and houses an atrociously low quality stone that looks like someone cut it out of a block of concrete. I would throw it away if I could only find a stone that would fit in the small pouch. Overall, if the aesthetics please you, you should get it... It's also a fine working knife, but for the same money, one could fine better knives as well as far worse.
MM says, "...but as you wield it, it becomes a rather impotent blade for fighting or preparing large foodstuffs, and rather unwieldy for fine tasks."

since I've not used it for a fighter, I don't know what the Bowie can or cannot accomplish in that situation.

as for preparing large foodstuffs, I do know from experience that the Bowie's 6" blade is too short to 1-cut through 7" cantaloupes and honeydew melons and watermelons. And I learned from sad experience that after cutting up a dozen or more cantaloupes and honeydew melons that whatever acid is in them most definitely removed that gorgeous bluing !! But I did think the Bowie was up to that fine task and it certainly accomplished that task with ease, along with many other tasks during an afternoon session in the kitchen preparing a large buffet of salad and fresh fruit for some friends of ours.


I received both the SOG S1 Bowie and SOG S2 Trident on X-mas Eve.

All I can say is "WOW!!" They came extremely sharp (much sharper than my Cold Steel's out of the box), fit and finish were excellent, and the balance is perfect for my purposes. The tip on both knives were particularly scary sharp.

As far as a fighting knife, I think it's perfect, considering it's given length. My first choice, for all knife-fighting purposes, is a bowie (a Hell's Belle in particular). I grew interested in the SOG bowie line as I started exploring close range knife-fighting...and I think the SOG bowie line fits the bill perfectly. The balance makes it maneuverable and authoritative for thrust/cut combinations, as well as making retention extremely easy. It's no surprise that the original design was intended for Vietnam special forces: it's perfect for close-quarter combat.

I haven't tried light chores on them yet, but they cut paper and cardboard with ease. It's a tradition for me to butcher the cardboard box that the knife came in, to check sharpness and edge geometry. Both performed like champs.

Finally, the aesthetics, the sheer LOOK of these knives makes you just want to use them. They look sharp (literally and figuratively).

All in all, 10 out of 10 for me.

some guys have all the luck !!!!!!!!!

it is always nice when someone discovers the same "niceness" of a SOG that so many others know.


Cheers and Happy SOG,

Hey Carl:

thanks for the very helpful posts, and for forwarding me the Ben Baker/SOG knife story. These knives went beyond my expectations. Really sharp, really durable, well-balanced. Quite scary looking too.
Hey Carl:

been going through the archives and reading about your exploits with the SK-5 Carbon Tigershark.

Now you've got me interested.

Do you know where I can get my hands on an SK-5 Tigershark? I did a google search, but not sure how reliable some of the sources are. Also, the SK-5 Tigershark is a plain edge, yes?
4 Ranges, I'm glad you like your new SOGs. I recently got the chance to play with the SOG Bowie and really liked it. My thoughts were the same, IMO it's great for close combat. And it makes a good camp knfe too.

Carl is great at hunting down older SOGs, hope he can help you find the SK-5 Tigershark. If I had the money I too would be on the look out for one too. And yes, they do have a plain edge! :D

back in the saddle after a few quiet days in Tucson.......

so, the SK-5 Tigershark has caught your attention ?? yes, it is plain edge, no serrations, with just a bit of recurve to it. Great looks of course, and my Tigershark always accompanies me in the field.
I've not used the newer version with stainless steel blade so I cannot make an honest comparison.
But I do like the SK-5, it takes and holds an incredible edge.

as for finding one, I'd suggest a WTB. I'm sure there are a few Tigersharks out there for sale, it is just a matter of being patient.

Cheers and Happy SOG Year !!

Hello guys: Does anyone know if the SOG trident is user friendly? I mean can the user open with gloves on during winter? Can someone describe how to open it? is it heavy? Is the handle made of synthetic material like zytel or aluminum? :confused:
Picard, don't know about gloves, but just a slight push on the thumb stud and she is open ! Very fast and grip is the best I have ever felt. Very light Zytel handles, super strong feeling and sharp enough to split a frog hair, if you get one you will love it. Easy to open, easy to close, simply an amazing knife.
I would rate it a 9.9 out of 10................

Robbie Roberson. ;)