SOG Cross-Grip- Mini Tool

Oct 3, 1998
Just in, a pretty neat new tool from SOG. This is built like the Cross-cut which is a good tool, too. Twice the weight ofn the Buck Mini-tool, these come in at 0.12 lb. The plyeres seem actually usable with a wire cutter(for Mike)and rounded cutouts in the jaws to grip a bigger item. The jaw opens 0.6 in. at the tips and the Buck opens 0.55in. There is a gear drive to the tool so you can grip something tighter. As far as the tools go, here is what they did: they took out the plastic toothpick fropm the Crosscut and replaced it with a short flat phillips head. The tweezers are the same but turned sideways and the others are the same- nail file and cleaner, bottle cap lifter and small screw driver, nice regular size screw driver, nice blade and tweezers. The finish is nice and shiny and it's held together with nuts so you should be able to take it apart.
The length is the same as the Buck - about 2.5" closed. Width is 3/4" to the Buck's 0.6in and depth a hefty 0.4" to the Buck's 0.3 in.
It feels like this is a little more usable a tool than the Buck but the size is considerably larger and it comes in a slip pouch which protects the gears -also you from the gears.
As an emergency only tool, the Buck may have the edge for its lightness and small size. For a tool you use more frequently, the SOG may have the edge with better tools. Both are very cool and welcome additions to the market's offerings.
Howard Korn