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SOG Desert Dagger and Recon Government..

Jun 15, 1999
Anyone willing to review thses knives in some detail? Heard they have trouble keeping an edge, but that is all I know. They sturdy, effective, worth it?
Well, I have little use for daggers so I won't comment on the Desert Dagger. The Government model I've always liked. It's got a reasonably thin blade and nice edge geometry. And I like the flat metal pommel for hammering. SOG uses 440-A, which isn't the best edge-holder in the world, but SOG (or rather their contractors) has been reputed by several sources to be pretty good at heat treating 440A to reasonable edge holding. The Government doesn't have enough weight to be a chopper, but it'll be a good solid slicer.

I totally agree with Joe. Holds a decent edge, relatively light, very nice cutter/slicer. Poor chopper, but the hammer-butt works fairly well (though it tends to dent). Great looking design as well.
Government balances pretty well for throwing.
I think I'll get the Government and give it a try. What about the Desert Dagger, anyone happen to have tried that? Looks similar to the Government, but wasn't sure if there are any big differences...
I've grown less and less fond of my SOG Government. I agree with the assessment that it doesn't hold an edge. Moves and feels nice, but I've had much better for the same $$. $.02
hmm, mixed reactions...Might have to try it out myself, didn't know if it was worth a chance on