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Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by Alann45, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Alann45


    Jul 4, 2009
    Member Roster

    MOD [email protected]
    SOG DOG 1
    SOG DOG 2 Alann45
    SOG DOG 3 Nutz_about_knives
    SOG DOG 4 Str8shtr
    SOG DOG 5 A.P.F.
    SOG DOG 6 Wildmanh
    SOG DOG 7 Subterfuge7
    SOG DOG 8 HybridBanana
    SOG DOG 9 PeteG1027
    SOG DOG 11 et2cetera
    SOG DOG 13 bergholz
    SOG DOG 14 RobbieRoberson
    SOG DOG 15 Ugly Duck
    SOG DOG 16 Sasquatch1
    SOG DOG 17 Yabow
    SOG DOG 18 Ktomes_340
    SOG DOG 19 Detvanec
    SOG DOG 23 Eneyman
    SOG DOG 24 jhyde7585
    SOG DOG 25 rramjet
    SOG DOG 26 osodavis
    SOG DOG 27 blurton
    SOG DOG 29 VictGerbSogCamill
    SOG DOG 33 Flybri
    SOG DOG 34 Mossyhorn
    SOG DOG 40 Larry Turko
    SOG DOG 41 spydercofan
    SOG DOG 42 myu
    SOG DOG 66 LoneWolf X
    SOG DOG 69 Striderco
    SOG DOG 72 sac troop
    SOG DOG 74 New Pig Hunter
    SOG DOG 77 faizzybear
    SOG DOG 85 Sugawolf
    SOG DOG 86 dax0007
    SOG DOG 87 sogflash
    SOG DOG 88 dragonchi
    SOG DOG 89 Havoc550
    SOG DOG 90 Chameleonbear
    SOG DOG 92 TexasRifleman
    SOG DOG 93 ty_higg
    SOG DOG 94 Shane13
    SOG DOG 95 LostViking
    SOG DOG 96 iori125883
    SOG DOG 97 Erikoxide
    SOG DOG 98 simmonsrb
    SOG DOG 99 68Charger
    SOG DOG 100 HSG
    SOG DOG 101 retzius
    SOG DOG 102 SgtCuts
    SOG DOG 103 slikrickabn
    SOG DOG 104 TKO22
    SOG DOG 105 freemano
    SOG DOG 106 matt_b89
    SOG DOG 107 angelr15
    SOG DOG 108 Kim Won-Jin
    SOG DOG 109 Mikedebear
    SOG DOG 110 craytab
    SOG DOG 111 doc trinidad
    SOG DOG 112 whgraham
    SOG DOG 113 Cornbread320
    SOG DOG 114 Charlie-Echo-Kilo
    SOG DOG 115 Zayyanimasterblader
    SOG DOG 116 Derek Bergstrom
    SOG DOG 117 Blacklungs
    SOG DOG 274 Micthebear
    SOG DOG 666 Superhans
    SOG DOG 777 Wallakerfamily
    SOG DOG 942 moosehead905
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2014
  2. Alann45


    Jul 4, 2009
    I'm locking this thread (now that I can since I finally ponyied up for Gold membership:p) just to keep it tidy.

    We still welcome requests to join the SOG DOGs.

    Please make you request in another thread, or PM me.

    SOG DOG #2
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2012
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