SOG Flashes


Nov 8, 2006
I was looking for a fairly cheap folder to replace my..*ahem* Gerber Paraframe...

I came across the Sog Flashes (1 and 2...what's the diffrence?) and wanted some opinions.

The Paraframe works fine, but it's not hefty enough, and I don't like the cutout handles too's going to be used pretty heaviily for dirty stuff...I'd like to get a folder for about $30-$40, and I like the assisted opening of the Flash (well, at least the description of it)
Size is the difference between the Flash 1 & Flash 2. 3.25 vs. 4.5 closed. I have both in Zytel. Very light weight. I hear the aluminum handles make for a more ridged knife for harder use but I wanted lightweight when I bought these. I would get the plain blade if I were to buy them again.
My Sog Flash II is my "beater" knife that does all the nasty stuff, and does it well. I also like the grip it has. If I am working outside I carry it. I don't like blades less than 3". For all other EDC I carry my more $$$ knives (Dalton, Microtech, Protech).
I've seen a lot of folks around here who don't care for them much, but I liked mine untill I lost it. The factory edge was horribly misground, but that was easily fixed. The assisted action was the best I've used after trying many others, and I really liked the lock. The aluminium version is the way to go though.