SOG folders

Jul 29, 2000
I'm thinking of buying some of SOG's folders, probably SOG Winder 1 and 2.
They appear to be rather heavy, and do not have a clip.
What's you opinion of these knives and of SOG quality in general?
I guess I'm not going to be much help here, I only have one SOG. However, it's a wonderful little knife that I wouldn't part with. It's called the "Gent" and has those beautiful carbon fiber scales that always catch my eyes. It's very sharp, too. Weighs in at .5 ounce and I keep it in my pass port case.
The blade is completely tight with no "wiggle". I'm satisfied. Oh, I bought my brother in law an "Access Card" for Christmas. He loves it. Come to think of it, my father in law has a sheath knife called a SOG "Pentagon" that he likes very much.
Out of these three, no problems at all.

Yes they are on the heavy side and don't have pocket clips. They are actually fairly old fashioned compared to newer designs from SOG and others. They've been around for a whil. They are Japanese-made like all SOG and the quality is impeccable. If you want a newer design you may want to consider one of the Vision series knives from SOG. They are bigger but not meaningfully heavier and very nice indeed. Take care.

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Pretty stout folder design.

Spine/rocker lock is as strong as any I've seen (near SOG Tomcat and original Al Mar SERE), if you like such locks. (I can't really functionally manipulate with one hand).

Cheap steel, 440A. Very mediocre edge holder. Only treated up to Rc 56-57. Good corrosion resistance. Good toughness, just doesn't hold an edge like the modern stainless tool steels.

I own about 90 knives. I can't find a single SOG I need to own, personally. Sold my SOG Bowies after I realized how poor the handles were design-wise for chopping.

Kinda heavy for pocket carry, but you get heavy duty also.

I didnt like my SOG pentagon elite folder at all. The fit and finish sucked, and there were no steel liners underneath of the plastic handle scales. The liner lock failed extremely easily.

I took it back and traded it in for another knife. That is the only experience I have had with SOG, and I am afraid it was less than satisfactory.

Try the SOG Auto Clips (Adjustable belt/pocket clip to fit the thickness of the cloth) I have an old one ,clip point, fully serrated,opening hole in the blade in 440A. Cuts boxes,cardboard and fiber tape very well and is easy to sharpen with a small DMT diamond rod). Mine is well made and I got it used but mint for $20 They have a new tanto blade with BG-42 and I can't wait to get one.Weldonk
Thank's for your input guys!
had the JETEDGE that was a big waste of money
handles were poor, screws fell out and would not take or hold a edge. and yes it could have been a lemon but when you pay $120
for something it better not be!

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Check out the new SOG Night Vision or the PEII folder with the Arc lock. They're well built knives with a tough locking mechanism.