Oct 27, 1998
I handled one of these in the local hunting store and wasn't that impressed with it. It looks great but doesn't sit well in my rather large hands. It is very thin and the scales flex way too much for my liking. One side of the blade rubs against the bare carbon fibre scale. They are made like this which seems odd to me. The linerlock is the thinest I've seen and I didn't have much confidence in it. Has anyone else handled one of these and am I being too harsh on it?
I picked one up in the Cutlery Shoppe here in Boise but after examining it, put it right down again. I also found that when a little torque was applied to the blade and handle, it appeared that the thin liner lock would allow the blade to fold up on you. I generally like some SOG products (someone recently used the incorrect expanded name as Special Operation Group in a promotion!) but this isn't one of them. I kind of like the blade shape (I probably would have liked an Edsel also) but not the liner/handle set up.