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SOG JetEdge-2 - review

Nov 25, 1999
SOG JetEdge-2 - this appealing ugly knife.

I received it in June'99 and my first impression was: "What a bizarre design!" But some time later, when I was going to travel across some European countries and realized that knife is only defensive weapon I can legally have with myself (my handgun concealed curry license is valid in Poland only) - from all my knives I choose JetEdge-2. Why?
  • With blade length 95 mm (3 ¾ inches) it's legal to carry in most European jurisdictions.
  • It's very light and very flat, I can place it even in my shorts, sporting dress or swimming trunks waistband.
  • It's very versatile, true multi-purpose knife and it can serve as defensive weapon as well.
During summer holidays I did with this knife all can be done: buttered sandwiches, prepared barbecue, whittled wood, cut ropes and cardboard, etc. Knife served me flawlessly. My kids had a school task for holidays: to find and bring to school a nice piece of wood bark. We have found it on the death pine stump on the side of Gauja (river in Latvia). My kids removed about 8x12" large and 1½" thick piece of bark using only the little camp saw and JetFdge-2 knife (and a little deal of my help).

Knife is visible in my son's right hand.

Now let I describe this knife a little.

Blade of ATS-34 steel has a bit difficult to describe shape, it might be a modified clip point with so called shark-tooth tip. This kind of tip is used pretty rarely but it's worth to look it carefully. Not too sharp beveling angle in blade plan makes this tip very strong and resistant to breaking. When my kids levered up the piece of bark with knife I was afraid they will break the tip but nothing occurred.
On the other hand this tip is by far more penetrative than the usual tip with the same beveling angle because both bevels are sharpened. Please note - it's not simply false edge, the back edge in the tip area is truly sharp. The long recurved false edge improves penetration ability as well. This causes JetEdge-2 to be a no-nonsense defensive weapon if required.


The rear half of blade has serration with pretty large teeth. It works nicely if you have to cut a thick rope or heavy cardboard. To sharpen the pencil using only curved front part of the edge is a bit tricky but possible.
Extended checkered thumb rest provides very accurate blade pointing and additional leverage for hard cutting tasks.

Handle of carbon fiber has a single steel liner. When I began to use this knife I was almost sure it is not enough to provide adequate handle strength and soon I'll have unpleasant surprises. Now, 8 months later I can say certainly - I was not right. After 8 months of hard use nothing wrong occured with this knife, no play in pivot/lock area appeared, nothing was loosen up and knife works as good as it worked being new. Seems that carbon fiber, this space age material has really surprising properties!
Another surprise: this glossy surface is by far less slippery than I could expect. Handle's shape is simple but very functional, deep cutout under forefinger provides secure grip and prevents hand's sliding onto the blade. Minor disadvantage: the locking liner had a very sharp angle between recurve under forefinger and surface matching blade tang. It could harm my forefinger in some circumstances, so I removed this sharp tip using a fine narrow diamond file. This part of liner stays above matching blade surface and can be removed without any problems. Unfortunately I did it before I thought to make photo, what a pity!
In fact I can hold his handle very sure and securely.

Action was very smooth and light out of the factory box. In my opinion even a bit too light, I like a bit more secure blade hold in closed position. I resolved this problem with slight pivot screw tightening. Now action is balanced very well: it's light enough for easy operating and tight enough to prevent unintentional opening. As I said already no play in any plan appeared after 8 months of hard use. I had newer to retighten pivot screw after numerous thousands of openings.
I noted this knife "likes" firm opening movement, in this case locking liner stays exactly on the half of blade thickness. When knife is opened gently liner stops the travel on first quarter of blade thickness. Must to say even in this case lockup is OK, knife passed medium forced spine hack test being opened gently also.
Opening slot works enough comfortably and reliably, unfortunately it's not available for left hand.

Belt/pocket clip is made of glossy polished stainless steel with nicely imprinted this SOG JetEdge logo. Although I prefer non-shiny pocket clips on knifes intended for concealed carry in this case shiny clip doesn't disturbs me because I carry this knife in my home. Maybe it would be useful to remove the clip and to scratch surfaces one the clip and on the handle where these ones come together - knife hold in the pocket would be more secure. But it's my presumption only, I didn't try to do it.

During 8 months I'm using this knife as my all-purpose home knife. It's still in my home jeans rear pocket and I use it everywhere, from kitchen to garage. I cut with it all I can and must to cut at my home, from apple portioning and letter opening up to heavy cardboard and packing straps. Edge retention is exactly adequate for premium grade ATS-34. Of course I had to resharpen this blade numerous times but in the plain part only. Serrated part isn't reasharpened yet but it's still sharp. It might be a little addition to the thread where we discussed advantages of plain edge over serrated one: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum32/HTML/002757.html
I'm usually resharpen JetEdge2 using my DMT Diamond Whetstones or Double Sided Diafold.
So I can say certainly: it's ugly knife but at the same time it's nice knife. I don't like how it looks but I like how it feels and works.
It's my sure and reliable workhorse.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
As usual great review Sergiusz.I checked out the knife one time and personally did'nt care for it.The one I had was'nt smooth opening and I don't care for that type of point,much too thick for me.But your reviews are very informative.Looking foward to the next one
Dzien dobry Sergiusz---

Great review, but there are a couple of things about the knife I'd change. Give it ambi thumb studs, no serrations, and a slightly more ergonomic micarta handle with a tip up carry. YMMV, though.

Jeszcze Polska nie zgniela....

Great review--these forums truly are world class.
Back in the 80's, I managed to break the tip off a Buck 110 hunter while prying on PVC pipe. Rather than send it back to Buck, I ground the break smooth and used it for about three more years--was almost the same profile as the SOG Jetedge and one of the strongest I've ever used. The blade finally chipped out under hammer blows as I longitudinally dissected a bullet with it. (The bullet was a sample of a lot I was trading for, which were proportedly Nosler Partitions). I sent the mangled thing back to Buck, and they replaced it no questions asked, but I've missed that strong-beaked miscreant ever since.

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Beauty is a subjective thing. I own the JetEdge and think is is one of the more attractive knives on the market. The blade shape is nearly 100% unique and a sight to behold. And I, too, am amazed at carbon fiber. At first, I didn't think it would hold up, but it has far surpassed my expectations in strength and reliablity. And with regards to the smooth handles, I thought I'd have gripping problems with wet or sweaty hands...I WAS WRONG!

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Terrific review!

A couple of thoughts -

With regard to single liners, I, too, was initially skeptical, but with both G-10 and carbon fiber, the strength and rigidity have been more than acceptible.

As regards shiny clips, I've been finding that the reflective property serves to pick up the color of the surrounding material, which is particularly helpful when wearing light colored trousers, like khakis. A black clip, or even a satin finished clip stands out against lighter colors like a sore thumb.

AKTI Member #A000832

"That which does not kill me just postpones the inevitable."
I also like this knife and said so a while back. I rounded out the sharp edges on the handle and made it into a very nice Sunday church knife.
Well written review.....

I liked the blade design, but for me personally I couldnt stand the handle. It felt like there was way too much play when I had to sqeeze hard. I think if there had been dual liners it would have stayed on my good side a lot longer

Dark Nemesis

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All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)
Great review!

Is the ATS-34 blade on the Jet-Edge any more or less corrosion resistant than the ATS-34 on Benchmade knives? (I noticed the SOG seems to have a more polished blade surface).
Thanks for the great review! I hadn't really liked the looks of the knife, but after your review, I'm giving it a second look!
Keep up the good work!
James, sorry for delay. I was a bit busy and couldn't answer quickly.
As to corrosion resistance - I think it depends on steel composition and not on blade finish. This last can make difference only in corrosion result visibility; they are highly visible on polished surface and less visible on mat or satin finishes.
JetEdge's blade has really much smother finish than my Benchmades with non-coated blades. After swimming in Baltic Sea with JetEdge some mat spots appeared on the blade but I removed them without any difficulties with the pencil eraser. There are no problems with this blade corrosion in knife normal use although I'm not protecting it specially.
For comparison, nothing occurred with AUS-8 steel blade on SPYDERCO Michael Walker Lightweight also bathed in the same sea.
I guess more carbon content makes ATS-34 less corrosion resistant than AUS-8.
However Baltic Sea isn't the saltiest sea in the world...