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SOG JetEdge scales?

Dec 22, 1998
I was looking forward to handling (and possibly at some point purchasing) a SOG JetEdge...I really like the blade shape and the overall look of the knife, and when the ads and so forth said the handle was carbon fiber, I assumed that would be a good thing.

But after seeing one in person and handling it for a minute, I have to say "yuck". Not only do the scales flex under modest squeezing pressure (the knife has no real liners), but the surface is -slick-, and the edges are not well rounded for a comfortable grip. Seemed a real shame to have a blade that nice in a handle that lousy.

Does SOG make a JetEdge with a decent handle? Did I possibly pick up a first-run knife and they've improved it since?

No, they all look and feel like that. My first Jetedge, went back to the seller after 3 days. I went to various stores and they are all the same. The flex did not bother me as much as the fact that the liner did not engage all the way onto the blade and it appeared that it could easily disngage. I also don't like the feel of the thumb openning slot, I find it hard to open. But thats just my opinion. I don't know how it performs because I never tested it. Too bad because I have always liked the bowie style blades SOG makes. If you are into the bowie style blades get yourself a Masters Of Defense knife in the bowie style, you will love it.
Carbon Fiber is okay from an aesthetic standpoint. I like the "op-art" efect of the checkerboard pattern. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, categorically, that carbon fiber is a poor choice of handle material, especially on a tactically-oriented knife such as the SOG Jetedge. Cost factors aside, it's just too slippery. I'd rather have G-10 any day, or even textured zytel, believe it or not.

Carbon fiber notwithstanding, I don't think the Jetedge handle is very well designed at any rate. Next to the Benchmade AFCK, EDI Genesis, Spyderco Endura, and a host of others, I have never had any trouble resisting the urge to buy a SOG Jetedge.

David Rock

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The scales on the SOG are slick for a reason.They are coated with some type of epoxy to prevent the user from getting splinters from the woven carbon fiber scales.They are very painful and can be a real bear to dig out.