SOG Locking Systems

Aug 25, 2004
Hi everyone,

My current EDC knife is the old school Meyerco Speedster and its about time for it to retire from its 3 year post. I've been looking around for a new folder I like but every where i turn I see liner locks. I like what SOG has to offer but I've always been somewhat skeptic of new lock designs and so far I've only be able to find a review on the Arc-Lock system. Any information as to the strength and the reliability of the Piston Lock system would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 27, 2003
Scorch, not sure if there are any piston lock test to read. You might try emailing SOG to get some info. If you want user info. on this lock, and if the piston lock you are referring to is the Flash series, then there is plenty of user feed back here on the forums to read. You might want to try a search on the Flash II for this. But to be honest, you will probably not find any reference to lock failure.
I own several Flash models and have never had any lock failures. In fact I have never heard of anyone else having any kinds of problems out of the locks on these models other than a few that were tight when new and needed a little loosening up by use. If I am on track with the models you are asking about, then you should not consider any problems with lock failure with these models, they are very strong, and very fun to play with.
If you took one of these models apart and looked at the lock, you would understand why it just does not cause any problems. I hope this helps.
Robbie Roberson ;)