SOG Navy Seal 2000

Sep 2, 1999
Does anyone have this knife or would know enough info on whether it's a great knife or whatever? Thanks.
I had one once. It is a good knife. Looked good, felt right. SOG makes very sturdy knives. But I really wish SOG move on to another steel besides the bloody 440A. If they changed to A2, I'd buy a hundred of them.

The SEAL 2K doesn't hold an edge well at all. But it is rust resistant. Just the thing to kill people under water. Keep in mind what the Navy SEALs want in a knife is not neccessarily what you need.

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Goatman - you think the Seal 2000 could hold up well enough under water? Salt water usage?
Think it'd be a good knife for someone needing a knife in water a lot?
I've never used it in salt water. So I wouldn't know. But in theory, coated 440A should do just fine.

As for someone spending a lot of time underwater; I think it would be too heavy and large to be comfortable. A small dive knife is all most people need. But if you're hunting manatees. . .

P.S. The SEAL 2K happen to be the best throwing knife I ever had.

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That is a BIG knife; it approaches Bowie status, IMO. One of my SWAT buddies has one, but he quit carrying it on his gear after we wore him out about having a "crew-served" knife the day he showed up with it on his vest. Feels good in the hand, though.

I thought this wasabout the SOG 2000, the 6 in version. There's a bowie version?

I was talking about the Seal Pup's big brother; that IS the knife Nightglock was referring to? This one has at least a 7" blade, maybe more.

I dunno, maybe I'm thinking about the wrong thing; if so, sorry about that.

This is the Seal 2000

This is the Seal Pup

these photos are not proportional....
I like both knives very much but have not had the chance to abuse them. The Pup is a great covert, not as nice as the Nimravus from BM but great for the price.

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Seal 2000 is nice. I agree, ditch 440A, keep all the other great qualities, it'd kickass. Wish it had a pommell like the SOG Government thou...
I have a SEAL 2000 and while it well made,( like all SOG knives ), it is still 'bricklike' compared with my Blackjack Model 1-7 bowie. Unless you plan on doing pull-ups using your knife I would go with something else. It is a bit heavy for carrying around all day.
The Govt bowie by SOG is a much nicer using knife in my experience.


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mjjbecker - you sound like you not to keen on the knife? You sue it much, or does it sit around a lot?
I think the knife is well made and in some respects is well designed, but it is still overly heavy for a mid-size knife. In tasks like chopping wood and cutting rope which I have done in the backwoods, it does no better than my Benchmade Delta Raider or my Black Jack Model 1-7. I don't need a knife to pry open cans or do the 'Cold Steel' test. I want a knife to cut and cut well and in my 'using' experience the SEAL 2000 is not the best of the bunch.
Each person can make their own choice!
The SOG Tigershark Bowie has a 9" blade. The blade steel is SK-5 Carbon steel.
Mjj - if your depriving that knife of playing with things and cutting stuff, I'd be happy to provide it with a home where it will be well fed and used. Looking to get rid of it by chance?
Thanks for the offer Tuff, but you never know, I might need it if all the computers go funny in a few months time!


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Very true Mj. I got plenty to play with myself, so don't worry about it. I should probably save my money anyways, car is due for a tune up and oil change...

try out the old sog-1 bowie,sk-5 steel,blade is 1/4'' thick,11'' overall with a 6 1/4''blade,finish is gun blued steel.leather handle and leather sheath with stone. sog realy can make a good knife when they put there mind to it.