SOG Northwest Ranger

Can anyone comment about this knife?

I think it's darned good looking and A.G. Russel's site says that it has a lot of quality. But can the 440A steel ever hold an edge?

The small Bowie format appeals to me, I only wish it had been made out of ATS34 or something like that.

It's also inexpensive.
Aug 27, 1999
I have one. As a light utility knife, its hard to beat. It's kind of for times when you want a light sheath knife. If I were seriously going into the woods, I would take something larger, say a Fallkniven A-1 or a WKC RTAK.
I just got one yesterday, and am really pleased with it! I wish it didn't have those serrations, but, for the money, $40, you can't have everything!
I wish it was 440V or ATS34, but I think 440A may resist corrosion better than those, and if it gets dull, I can touch it up!
It seems a useful design, suitible for camp, skinning, defense and emergency line cutting. I love the soldered hilt and thin handle. All in all I'm quite pleased. I think it's big enough be useful and light enough to carry!
I wonder where I can get a good Kydex sheath??
Don't have one but have handled it. It is a good looking and feeling knife.

I do have the SOG Government with is similar constructioin and 440a steel.

Very good quality for the money inc the soderd guard.

Will take a good edge, but doesnt hold like
the premium stanless steels.

Use it for diving and corrosion resistance in saltwater is pretty good.

Nice quality nylon sheath too. I tied some black thinner bungee type cord to the sheath near the end of the handle to double secure the knife in the sheath.

Looks like a good buy.