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Sog or Junglee?

Nov 12, 1998
I am looking at the Sog-Desert dagger, and the Junglee-Waterloo. The waterloo is a slight longer but the desert dagger has a steel butt for hammering. both seem to be great knives. Both are roughly the same price. although Sog uses 440c, and junglee uses aus-8. Which is better and why?

Oh yea, by the way, why do ya'll send everyone to knifecenter.com, discount knives on the internet" will beat any advertised price by 10% and they are usually cheaper to begin with anyway fellas.

Not to run ya'll ragged but what is the tactical difference in "real life" between 440c, ats-34, ats-55, aus-8, and carbon V, D1 tool steel. I do know that 420c, and aus-6 usually suck because they are too soft. I am really trying to learn so I make educated purchases in the future, and ya'll seem to know your stuff well. I also need for ya'll to go to "knives wanted" and read my request for the predator blade please. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you want to learn more about steel Joe Talmange has a great FAQ on it. So does Kevin McClung. I know that Joe's FAQ are on Knifeforums.com in the Blade geometry and technical forum. Just go back to all messages in the last year and start looking close to the bottom.

Hope it helps


I think I will have a go at answering your questions...

SOG and Junglee Daggers... 440C will hold it's edge longer given good heat-trating. AUS-8 will probably be tougher.

My personal opinion about references to Knifecenter is probably good relations and a huge site with everything on it.

ATS-34 holds an edge better for a small decrease in corrosion resistance over 440C. ATS-55 is a bit of mystery being new, but it was designed to give performance similar to ATS-34 while being cheaper to manufacture. AUS-8 is generally the steel chosed by production companies to reduce cost and still provide a blade with decent edge-holding and toughness and great corrosion resistance. Carbon V is anybodies guess, but users of Cold Steel's fixed blades seem to report good results. D1 tool steel? I think you may be talking about D2, I have heard of D1, but it is not used very often. D2 is an enduring steel in the market, providing very aggressive cutting, and near stainless corrosion resistance. It has developed a reputation as brittle, but compared to what? And why is one prying with their knife anyway????

Hope that answers your questions.
Thanx Marion, I really appreciate the info. I'm with you in your tone, either way I don't think I could go wrong. I do like the butt end of the desert dagger for hammering purposes. How much hammering am I going to do anyway
. I am leaning towards the junglee because of the slightly longer blade and the possibility of opening myself up to a new brand with a future. I have heard about the cheaper cost of the aus-8 though. Do you know of a dagger that has the similar blade length with the same type grip using ats-34?

What have you heard about ats-55? doesn't seem like there is very much info on it as of yet. I have a full serrated ats-55 spydie police edition and I love it. I'd like to know more about the steel.

I have heard it is supposed to be cheaper, and that certainly wasn't the case. On sale it was 99$, normally 125$.