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SOG Pentagon Elite?

Apr 3, 1999
I think I posted a request for review on this knife a while back, but I didn't recieve much response. I'm gonna repeat my request because every time I see a picture of one I find it hard to keep myself from ordering it up.
The problem is I have not found any local stores that carry it, so I've been unable to actually handle one yet.

Anyone out there have one? Fooled around with one for a bit? Any comments on the action? What about the funky point? Usable? Useless?


I have one in the airplane for a canopy breaker and belt cutter.

I have one, and you're welcome to it. From the factory, the edge was nonexistent, the action was so loose it opened in my pocket, and it closes so loosely that the point sticks up past the handle about 1/16", causing several rips in my pockets. I now carry one of my other folders.
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what is a FB???
p.s i juz recieved mine today and it feels really good in my hands...thicker then what i thought it would be..really coolz but could someone post some comments on how theirs worked out??? was it a good knife???

Good knife or bad knife? It is very interesting question... Good or bad for what?

SOG Pentagon Elite is a very specific knife. It has dagger style blade and handle shape. Relatively narrow (25 mm) and relatively thick (3,5 mm) blade is beveled on both sides what provides pretty thick edge's profile. Dagger point blade is very penetrative and shark-tooth tip is much stronger than conventional dagger tip. In closed position the whole blade hid into the handle, so you can sharpen the first 1/3 of the blade opposite side without any risk to make harm yourself. It could improve blade penetration. Blade has bead blasted non-reflective finish.
Zytel handle is lightweight, comfortably shaped and non-slippery. Single liner is "nested" into the plastic scale, this makes handle reasonable strong. I saw a lot of more flexible handles with two liners. Action is OK. Liner lock provides positive lock up, mine passed spin hack test numerous times. Locking liner has limited access, unintended unlocking is hard to imagine. On the other hand intended unlocking is very easy and comfortable. Thumb stud is ambidextrous, you can also move pocket clip to the handle's opposite side for left hand carry.

Thus, is it a good knife? By all means if you want to use it as self-defense tool and your favorite defensive techniques is fast straight stabbing.
Pentagon Elite can serve you as well if you are intending it for letter opening, pack stripe or seat belt cutting and another kind of shallow cuts.
But if you want to make deep precise cuts like bread or meat slicking - choose another knife with wider blade and thinner edge. For precise wood whittling choose another knife also.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland

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I like a lot of SOG's knives. not that one. It looks like a lot of corners were cut putting the thing together. If they were really trying to get anyone from the Pentagon to buy this knife, they are in for a big surprise. If you want a great dagger type folder go with the Darkstar from Bench made. Or the one from CRKT. that one is good also.
Hi Doug,

I know I am biased, as a SOG employee, but I'll put my two cents in here.

The Pentagon Elite (PE) is among our best sellers...and for a great reason. Quality and beautiful design at a relatively low price.

Out of all of SOG knives which I own, the Vision has edged out the PE as my #1 pocket knife. Notice I said "edged." The Vision retails for $189.95 and the PE retails for $74.95: the Vision is about two and a half times more, but I personally like them nearly the same.

Sales to military and police personnel on the PE has been quite high over other SOG models.

So, bang for buck. Massive!

A great looker of a knife. Yes!

An excellent tactical folder. Absolutely!

Do I sound like a salesman? I am...sorry, it's my job. But I am passionately a personal supporter of the Pentagon Elite...even if I didn't work for SOG.

Check out the SOG website to see the next evolution of the PE...The PE2. A Pentagon Elite with a massive 5" blade! Due out in late summer.


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