SOG Power Plier

Oct 17, 2000
I am in the market for a multitool and the SOG
Power Plier looks very good. I am having a tough
time picking out the best one. Price is really not
a consideration for me, I really just want the best
quality one out there. Other SOG tools like the
Paratool and Powerlock also look good. Please help
me choose. Thank You.
I have one of those Power Pliers and DO NOT recommend you getting one. The gear concept is great, and it's fun to flip open a la balisongs. But its grip is extremely uncomfortable: unless you wear a glove, the edges of the handle will eat into your palm. Also, it does not have a locking mechanism for the tools. As a result, I've often had its screw drivers unexpectedly folding while tightening screws with force. Very disconcerning.

Get one that is better designed. The consensus seems to be that SwissTools is the best of the bunch.


Have you read the multi-tool reviews at These are the most thorough you'll find anywhere. The SOG tools are covered at this URL:

Happy reading.
David Rock
like my gerber.I've had it about 4 yrs now ,still does everything i want it to do.upgraded with screwdriver bits 18 months ago,thats about it.
I love my Leatherman Wave. Comfortable handles and easy access to 2 blades*, file, and saw which all lock. The other tools do not lock. *[one handed, but be careful as as I recall some posters have gotten nicked-by the serrated blade]

Judgment call quibble: Cannot really call this a true camping/surival tool as it does not have an awl---of course most of the time the four screwdrivers will get more use. The small one could act as an awl in a pinch, along with judicious use of the blade. I have not figured out where to put one though...perhaps one that slides on, possibly locking to the lanyard attachment as it slides over a screwdriver blade. Why can't we have our cake and eat it too!

No excuse failures:
1. Lanyard hole is too small. Almost no one is going to thread it with a split ring. I have not yet "improved" mine by enlarging the hole slightly.
2. Inch and centimeter markings are conspicuously absent. Since they stamp Leatherman on the side, there is no excuse for not putting some gradation lines. Further, they need to differentiate the markings so one can tell easily which blade is going to open. Inches on one side and centimeters on the other would help. I scratched some in but they are not as clear as the ones that come on the original Leatherman. How can they improve the design so much and then screw something up that they had already figured out. Of course since they only had inches the improvement would have been to add metric measurements.

I do not have much experience with other tools, but still like the Wave. The diamond file is awesome for fingernails, the feature it is most borrowed for, and then secondly the scissors. My main quibble with the Swisstool is the fact that after years of SAK's, many with scissors, they leave those off???

I note that apparently one of the Gerber multilocks have a nifty feature--a mount in which you can insert your jigsaw blade of choice--oh yes, and an awl. I have only seen Ron Hood of using it on a video, but I believe I did see another reference to that feature.
SOG multitools have left a bad taste in my mouth. I had the Paratool, and it only lasted 2 months before the handle broke on it. During that period, the Aluminum screws stripped and rounded.

Personally I like the Super Leatherman. It is the toughest thing I have laid my grubby paws on. I have bent gerbers, and destroyed SOGs, and I have even treaked my leatherman, but it seems to take the abuse a little better. I have not yet seen a Swiss Tool, so the jury is still out on that one.

I still feel that there is a market for a truly quality multi tool with real hardened screwdrivers, a file that works on mre than fingernails, and an awl that won't dull on wood.....if people are willing to spend the bucks on a knife that won't let them down, I would assume a high end multi tool would draw a similar crowd.

I would agree with Yek and Donald. I have owned or played with almost all of the tools out there and my favs are the Wave and the Supertool. I use each for different purposes.
The Wave accompanies me everyday. Comfy to use, nice size, excellent tool quality.

The Supertool goes with me camping, hiking, doing serious work outside. All the tools lock and there are more of them. It is relatively easy on the hands, too.

I really liek teh Swisstool, but the rounded screwdrivers and general quality of the tools I find inferior to the Leatherman. I also favour a needlenose plier.

YMMV, as always...

Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
I've had a SOG Power Pliers for about 3 years now. Just used it Friday to repair the hood over the vent pipe to my clothes dryer. Yes, the open handle doesn't feel great but you don't have to use as much force to grab something! I understand SOG has refined this model recently with locking tools and a cover over the handle openings. Don't discount it if it has these fixes. Nothing on mine has ever broken or worn and I use it every day!
I've owned the original
leatherman and the SOG Paratool. The Leatherman Supertool with the adapter gets my vote hands down. It is strong, comfortable to use and versatile. Two suggestions though. Pitch the screwdriver bits that come with the Tool adapter and spend a couple of bucks on some good quality ones. Also get the adapter kit that looks like a small pager. I've got he combo sheath and while its nice keeping everything together it is VERY heavy. I have the original adapter kit that came in a leather case that looks like it holds a speedloader. It is not a very comfortable carry. Also, I work in an office and for everyday carry I have a Bucktool and I must say I really like it so far but is not the heavy duty beast that the Supertool is.


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I also have a Power Plier. I have had mine for a few years. It is a good tool, but I'd rather have the new one with the locking tools. The only thing wrong with mine is the file is broke, but thats because someone tried to use it as a pry bar.
I think you can not go wrong with the SOG PowerLock. It is a great tool, very strong, and has the best selection of tools. It is not designed as a gimick that will fail under hard use.
Update to my post re Leatherman Wave. First, the file rusted some, not sure if there was any particular reason or whether I had used a Tuf-cloth???

Second, I believe the Gerber Multi-Lock I was referring to regarding having a saw coupler was the Multi-Lock 600 Series Woodsman. I saw a picture at
The Multi-Lite has one also.