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SOG Seal 2000 thoughts?

Jun 15, 1999
anyone have any good experience with this knife they can share? Looks solid. Cosidering buying this in the future...
tuff - I have a SOG Seal 2000, barely used & with cordura sheath (but the SOG patch on the sheath got stained so I removed it) which I would sell for $60. email if interested. lawboy@megsinet.net.

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Not thrilled with the way the handle felt and I don't like serrations or partialy serrated blades unless I had a specific need for them.
My 2 centavos.
I heard the good thing about the blade was it was really weather resistant was what I was interested in this knife for; wanted something that could handle the elements.

They're might be better out there though...
I have used my SEAL 2000 extensively. It has handled everything from chopping to digging to prying to (obviously) cutting just about anything. It used to be my primary field knife. The blade finish will wear off after a few years of use. My only dislikes are the following:

1) The nylon sheath sucks. I guess the new ones have a kydex model. That would be far and away better than the nylon version.

2) I dislike the handle, and it's lack of a decent guard. I still have a serious scar on my hand from a "slide-off-the-handle-onto-the-blade" incident years ago.

All in all, I think it's a great knife for the money. I've never had any problems with corrosion, even with saltwater exposure.

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