SOG SEAL Master?????

Dec 31, 1998
Oh boy. Here goes. Does anyone know of the existence of the "SEAL Master" by SOG? I have seen enough SEAL 2000's and SEAL Pup's to last a lifetime. Question today is, well, is there such an animal? Argument started at the local store after looking at the "selection" of SOG knives (S2K & Pup) and some guy said there was a third one to the set, but BIGGER. I've never heard of one, and can't find any reference to one on the net (yet). Anybody seen a SOG SEAL Master??
Not sure about a Seal Master but SOG does have a TigerShark model thats similar to the other two but is bigger 8 or 9" blade not quite sure of particulars.
You sure that the guy didn't mean the BuckMaster, the SEAL knife that Buck made back in the eighties?


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I saw an ad in US Calvary for the SEAL Master . It appeared to be the Tigershark with the same powder coating and serrations at the rear of the blade as the SK-2000. It was advertised as using 440a steel.
Its possible they were referring to the Trident. I think SOG used to make a knife with that name, not sure if they still do or not. I believe the blade had the Seal logo on it.


There is indeed such a knife. And it's basically a Tigershark made from coated 440A. Comes with a Cordura sheath. I think the handle was Kraton instead of the Zytel of the Seal 2000.
Thanks for the info, everyone. Now that we settled that argument (I think) we ended up back on the "Real SEAL Knife" argument. With 10 months left over here, I can see already this is going to get ugly. Once again. Thanks everyone!