SOG Switchplier

Oct 26, 2000
I've had one of these on order from A.G. Russell for months now and still it has not arrived
Anyhow, I guess this knife thing is often like this- I seem to have to wait forever for most of my knives to arrive.

Has anyone actually gotten a Switchplier yet? Have these things shipped or is everyone who ordered one still waiting?

Anyone who has seen one tell us about it please.

Peter Atwood
I had the chance to play with them @ the blade show this year. The gadget factor is kewl
I have had them on order for months now. The factory wont return my emails about them so I dont know what the deal is. Mike
I spoke with someone at AG Russell today and she told me that they are supposed to be receiving them early next week and that I am on the list for the first shipment. Of course I will believe it when I see it since I was told the same thing last time I called which was a month ago.

At least Russells didn't charge my credit card yet like ONE STOP KNIFE SHOP HAS DONE. AHEM AHEM. One stop has charged my card for a LCC Stonewash blade MA three weeks ago and I still haven't received the knife. And they have not yet returned my email today....

I'm sure they will make it right in the end. Right guys?

Still Waiting,

fountain man,im sure 1sks will send you your knife,they might be wasiting on a far as ag russell goes,im headed up there tomorrow afternoon
haha.ill ask whats up with them.let us know how it is when you get it.ive looked at em in catalogs,but not in person,and it looks pretty cool.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your patience. The SwitchPlier has been in production for about 1-2 months!
It takes awhile to saturate the market and fulfill the many, many orders we have. We are making and shipping them quicky, so those of you with orders placed will hopefully be receiving them soon (check with your dealer). I've talked with some who have already received theirs. You might want to check out this short thread:

If you have any questions, let me know. This is really a cool tool!

Ron Andersen
Consumer Services Manager
SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.


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I saw one at the Erehwon store in woodfiled mall (Schaumburg Il).

I didn't notice the price as I was too busy playing with the tool.

Very smooth, easy to manipulate the locking blade and the other internal tools.

It was just plain fun popping the pliers open.

Very nice, I'll be asking for one for xmas.
Well well well. Guess what arrived yesterday?
I can hardly believe it myself. This Switchplier gadget is definitely the Cat's Meow! I'm already impressing not only myself but all of my friends with its slick action
. Thank you SOG for coming up with a great new toy!

Peter Atwood