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SOG Tignershark thoughts anyone?

Jun 15, 1999
Anyone have any experiences with this knife?
Solid knife to pickup, or not worth it?
I don't have the tigershark but I do have a SOG TECH with a seven inch blade. While using it for very light chopping, a half moon shape piece of steel departed the edge. The cutout is fairly deep and it would take several hours with a diamond hone for me to remove it, so I just live with it. I actually like the knife and as it is not a primary blade (I now only use it for outdoor work around the house). By the way, the tip is extremely pointy and it appears that even the lightest prying would quickly remove it. I haven't tested this because I like having a point on the knife.

Anyway, although my knife is not a Tigershark, I believe the Tigershark is just a bigger version of the SOG TECH. They're OK as long as you don't pay too much and don't plan on heavy use (although I would think that if you're looking for a knife of that size, heavy use would be on the agenda). Just my .02