SOG tomcat 440A or 440C

Jan 18, 1999
I have a sog tomcat , but for one thing I am not sure what steel it is made of ?
440A or 440C and how much does the steel have to do with how good a knife is ??

I am very new to this with knife - and must say I have got to know a lot about knifes in the last week or two - if only I had know this before i got the tomcat - it seems that Chris Reeve is one fine knifemaker....

Any suggestions on the best way to sharpen it - stone, ceramic og diamond ????

I think they are made out of 440C.

Also sharpening would be best with ceramic stones. e.g. the Spyderco Triangle-Sharpmaker
I have one of the old ones, and they used to advertise them as AUS8A steel. This particular folder doesnt look too much like the original folder, now that I have flat ground the blade. One complaint with these knives is the rubber grip panels are prone to coming off. Not a problem for me, as I am in the process of rehandling mine with either maroon micarta or ironwood.

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I do recall something being said about the original ones being made of AUS-8A, but not sure how accurate that is. I'll post that question at the SOG forum! I did hear though that the Tomcats might be changing over to AUS-6 steel though!

As far as the black Kraton handle slabs coming off, I haven't had that problem with mine. Maybe SOG has attached them with a better method or substance now or maybe you got a lemon Tomcat. I would return it to SOG if that happens, lifetime warranty you know!

Like I said, mine does not look too much like the factory folder anymore. I doubt if any warranty exists on mine now. I have flat ground the blade thinner, and totally pulled the rubber grip panels off. I still love the knife, and it will look better once I get done with it.

Danbo, soul brother of Rambo
Ask on the SOG Specialty Knives Forum on this website -- Ron is very responsive to questions.

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Hi Everyone,

440A (or AUS6A) is the steel. I don't know of it ever being in 440C (or AUS8A). I have every old brochure at my desk at work and don't remember seeing it advertised with anything different. I'll also ask SOG's owner. If I find anything different, I'll update you guys.

Regarding the Kraton slabs coming off. That can happen on occasion, but is not a problem. We see very few of these returned. When we have seen them come off, it has usually been related to water or chemicals getting under the slabs and deteriorating the glue material. We have a very specific method for putting them on. If anyone has this type of problem, SOG will take care of it...No hassle!



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