SOG Tsunami

Oct 16, 1998
I don't know where I've been that I've missed this knife, but I just noticed it at the Knifecenter and it looks cool! Does anyone have one, & if so how is the balance? What steel is it - decent or less so? What about the sheath, is it a clip for IWB or just a belt-hanging model? Any and all info or impressions appreciated! Thanks - FF

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I don't think the steel is too good and like, enough already with the rubber handles SOG!(allright allright, it looks kinda cool though)

I don't have this knife, in fact I only own one sog knife, but have handled many. They do make a high quality, well finished product. The steel is better than most of the Japanese made stuff, because they use exclusively 440 stock. Sometimes A or B. This steel offers good abrassion resistance and corrosion resistance. You can also put a good edge on it.
Guess what, a junior model is now available!


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AFAIK the steel on the SOG fixed blades (Tsunami included) is a well heat treated 440A - if you go to and look for Hilton Yam's torture test vs Mad Dogs they have good things to say about the SOG heat treatment on the 440A (which is an otherwise mediocre stainless - but very rust resistant.)

I don't have the tsunami, but it is cheaper than a Cold Steel Tanto by far. The sheath on the Knifecenter pic is just a leather belt-hanger, but it looks like Edgeworks is doing kydex for the SOG Seal 2000 series so maybe in the future.

For the same price you could get one of Newt Livesay's "Uji" with kydex sheath

BTW the handle on the new mini-tsunami is the same as the mini-pentagon! (Just an observation.)

Thanks guys! Actually I hunted down a Tsunami over the weekend, and found it's handl to be somewhat confusing in the hand - it looks really cool, I like the more drawn-out point, but I must say that I found the CS tantos to feel much, much more secure in my hand. Or maybe the presence of even a small guard make me feel more at ease . . .

Daniel L - do you have an Uji? That is indeed a wicked looking knife - of course it had no guard either . . . and if I understand correctly, the blade isn't flat but is slightly bent/curved, like his earlier "eel" models, to inflict a really horrible cut. If you have one, what do you think of it? Thanks - FF

The beatings will continue until morale improves.