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SOG Tsunami

Hello out there in TV land!
Anyone have any experience with a SOG Tsunami? I've read a couple good reviews,
but have more faith in this groups opinion.
I'm condidering one for daily carry. Thanks.


Feb 9, 1999
I secornd that request as well! I also noticed that there is a Tsunami Mini!! How sassy!? I have to wait for near biblical reviews before i purchase, so,... Yes, it's the life of a poor student.

It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.
I have recently aquired the Sog Tsunami, and I am very happy with the blade design. It has a fluent feel to it and seems like it would hold up very well to any abuse you could give it. I however am not pleased with the leather sheath that came with it. I find it to be way to thin, now I have not put it through a great deal of use. So don't take my personal feelings as the final say. Just to give you an idea though when I pull this knife out of the sheath the belt loop is not stiff enough to keep the sheath in place. The lower part of the sheath lifts up not making it not that smooth to unholster.
I have however spoke to Sog and the new models will be offered with a kydex sheath which I do not have any experience with. If you already have one with the leather you can get a kydex directly from Sog for $29.99
hi all,
I've had a Tsunami for several months, and I like the blade and the weight and the handle just feels darned good. the only minus I could personally think of was the lack of an integral guard on such a knife. the blade isn't exactly for utility though it could be it's secondary function. for slashing the tanto shaped tip provides ample area to do such, for stabbing however, that is at your own risk without a guard. the sheath I thought was actually not bad, better than the standard nylon affair. the quality of the leather was impressive to me as well...i haven't done any cutting tests really just cutting up and slashing cardboard. it's definitely a nice knife for the money and i wouldn't be afraid to use it hard in a utility situation.
hope this helps a little

I SOLD AWAY MY TSUNAMI, It's a great disappointment, just don't feel right in the hand. I dislike the sheath most of all and if i would top consider a daily carry or car knife, I take the Mini one or Seal Pup anytime