SOG Vision XR


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Jul 5, 2014
SOG UK had these marked down, so I thought I'd get one as I like my old VG-10 Vision.

I've got a Cold Steel in CTS XHP which I really like as a steel, so this offering by SOG ticked a few boxes - plain edge CTS XHP, tanto blade, G10 handle, ambidextrous.

Out of the box, it's nicely done, the G10 is grippy without being abrasive, the blade is well proportioned and razor sharp. The pivot seems to be a bearing type, which is very smooth (I'm used to Teflon and copper washers) and will take me a bit of getting used to. The detent is still new, so takes some positive pressure to open the blade with the thumb stud, the 'flipper' tab works well though.

That one looks plain awesome Ruari. Love that tanto blade. Heard the lock-up on the new models has improved so I replaced my old Trident with the new AT-XR Trident early this year. Really like the tanto style blade on yours. Can I ask how much it cost by the way? Big Sog fan hear and waiting for the Trident FX due out soon. Again really nice blade ya got there.
Thanks mauser9, yes I'm pretty pleased with it. It was marked down to £105 from £150, so I thought it was a bargain.
I'm also looking forward to the Trident FX.
Hopefully GSM don't muddy the waters and SOG keeps on making some quality knives.
Agreed! Looking forward to a short blade fixed tactical/defense style for EDC for a change. Around 4 inch blade on the FX. Sheath looks good with the tensioner for easy removal. Under $100 but might find it cheaper from Smokey Mountain knives.
Hopefully it's made with some good steel, do you know if it will be a USA made fixed blade? If you're saying under $100 I'm thinking it won't be...
Hopefully it's made with some good steel, do you know if it will be a USA made fixed blade? If you're saying under $100 I'm thinking it won't be...
Checked it out. Steel is Cryo 4116. Sounds like made in overseas like Taiwan according to one source. high chromium content. Claims easy to sharpen. Sounds like a softer steel. Should serve my purpose. Handle is OD green making it the second OD I will own. Blade length of 4 inches sounds good to me for carry.

Pic of the Vision XR with my older Kershaw Blur. They're about the same size, but I prefer the Vision's chunkier handle.
New and old SOG Visions. Vision XR and X-Ray Vision. Two great SOG folders.
Both good looking knives with quality. Like the Vision with that tanto blade the best. Handle ergonomics on the Sogs plus generous size grip area seems to be an area Sog has excelled in. My Trident AT-XR sure feels great in hand plus the looks are aggressive which appeals to me. Still waitin on the FX version which is suppose to be available this month. For under $100 not bad. My new Trident is a great carry despite being a bit heavier than the old. Nice to have a little more blade length too!
And then there were three...
Bought a Visionary II from the forum sales area to add to the group.