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I picked up a SOG Vision today because it is just so Kick Butt.
We here a lot about Benchmades and Spydercos and the like. SOG hasnt come out with anything realy interesting for some time. I used to have a SOGwinder and a multitool that I really liked... Both decent tools - but nothing special.
I was at a retailer that carried all the great knives and all the production folders you could ever want. I examinded all of them and was left wanting. Then I checked out the SOG Vision that was in a locked case that I didnt even glance at before. My 6 year old said that I should "look at that COOL Lookin knife up there." So I did.
As soon as I held it - I knew this was the knife I wanted. It FELT RIGHT in the hand. Good heft but not heavy. Good balance.
I was impressed.
Solid Titanium handle - ATS-34 blade. Its good stuff. Next time your looking for a knife - Dont overlook SOG.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

Mighty beautiful - that's true.

I have a feeling i SHOULDN'T take a too close look at it;-)

I have a few Sogs - and i like them, but they really hadn't done anything exciting until recently.
I have one problem with my Vision. The liner lock is "too tall" and doesn't go very well under the tang. This causes locking to be very weak. It fails spine-whack test totally. I emailed SOG customer support a day and a half ago but they didn't answer so far.
Well, maybe the liner will eventually wear enough to go under the tang.

Other than that I am pretty impressed with the knife
. Really high quality assembly. The action is SMOOOOOTH. It is actually one of the smoothest liner locks I've held. And after you open it it makes this VERY SOLID SOUNDING CLICK! I like this sound a lot.

The blade is interesting. What's cool is that this tanto design came with a hollow grind not chisel grind. This means that the knife can be actually used for cutting through stuff straight.

I love the touch of the handle, which by the way feels more comfortable than it looks.

I've seen somebody on the Forums complaining that the Vision is too expensive and should cost about $50. Well, I may look impartial here since I actually bought it
, but compared to other ~$50 knives that I own the Vision looks and feels WAY AHEAD.

It won't beat my BM710 (or my new Sebbie) for daily carry spot, but it sure is a nice item in the collection.

The BM 710 - is that the Sebenza wannabe?
And Sebbie - your compairing it to the sebenza?
I think that speaks volumes about the SOG VISION...
"To know a man, look at his enemies." Well - If this is getting compaired to the Sebenze - then is goes to show you that the S.V. is a nice of high quality.
My knife passed the spine test just fine... just fine indeed. The Tanto pointed blade is interesting - also since this tanto is "almost" curved like a normal style blade.

Cutting with it is indeed a joy. It remains very sharp. The solid titanium frame feels very solid, yet its not heavy like other knives with steel handles.

The price is a bit much - but your getting a lot of your money. I got this knife after looking at others.
I looked at the EDI Genisis, the BM/Elshiwitz (sp) knives, including a new one I never saw before with purplish wood scales and the axis lock... I also looked at 3 different Boker models and the Kershaw /Speed Safe/ Whirlwind knife. Now, I love the lines Ken Onion puts on his blades, but it didn't FEEL Right to me. None of them did.
The Vision FELT RIGHT. It Looked Right. And - most important - It Cuts Right. I paid for mine at the knife shop in the mall... I was going to order it from one of our dealers here - but I just had to have it right then and there... I shelled out 170 after taxes for it. I has so far been worth every penny.
And after I got it - I remembered the 3 other SOGS I owned years ago... All have the same, SOLID feel. Makes the SOG feel more like a tool than a little folder toy from say - Cold Steel.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

Well, BM710 is the knife I usually carry. I just got small Sebenza and I am trying to fit it "in the schedule"
. It is hard to put in one line Vision and Sebenza which is of ABSOLUTELY outstanding quality. On the other hand smootheness of action in the Vision could be compared with that of Sebenza. Vision is IMHO
definitely there among high end production folders.

I totally agree with that "solid feel".


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I just saw some variations of the Sog Vision. One with G-10 scales and the other with Zytel handles. The G-10 model is called Night Vision and will sell for the same price as the original SOG Vision with the titanium handles. The Zytel handle model will sell for substantially less.

Probably - I am bad with BM numbering, like I am with Smith & Wesson numbering.

Dont get me started with Glocks!
Originally posted by Frantium:

You probably mistook the 710 with 750 Monolock.

Oh, I didn't get that at the beginning.

Except for the blade 750 is a Sebenza-wannabe.

Actually, thumbs up for SOG customer service. They did reply to my message quickly, it was my mail server that had problems delivering.

The new vision's have the arc lock. Hopefully an improvement over the liner lock. I have a night vision on order that should be here next week. I will let you know what I think.


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